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Confucius Temple Nanjing
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Located on the Northern bank of the Qinhuai River, the Confucius Temple in Nanjing is for people to worship Confucius, the great thinker and educator in ancient China. Now it is one of the bustling areas in Nanjing with the East and West markets.

The temple is centered on Dacheng Hall, where a statue of Confucius is enshrined. Other halls and pavilions are laid out symmetrically. Qinhuai River is regarded as the companion pool of the temple. On the opposite bank of the river is an ochreous red screen wall with green tiles. With a length of 110 m (361 ft), the wall is the longest of its kind in China. The first entrance to the temple is a tall arch 'Tian Xia Wen Shu'. The construction of both the screen wall and the arch are in an ancient architectural style used for screens and decoration.

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