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Study in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province

Population: 7,130,000

Area: 12,490 square kilometers (4,822 square miles)

Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division: 4 districts (Chikan, Xiashan, Potou, Mazhang); 3 county-level cities (Wuchuan, Lianjiang, Laizhou); 2 counties (Suixi, Xuwen)

Location: Zhanjiang lies in the southwest of Guangdong Province. It is situated in Leizhou Peninsular, neighboring the South Sea in the east and Beibu Gulf in the west. The city is separated from Hainan Province by Qiongzhou Strait.

History: During the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), the area of today's Zhanjiang belonged to Xiang Shire and the central government of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) set Xuwen County administering the whole Leizhou Peninsular. It was one of the earliest departure points on the Marine Silk Road. After the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, this area began moving forward with big strides.

Physical Features: Most of the land of Zhanjiang City is peninsular or islands. The terrain slopes downward from the north to the south. A plain forms the major area of the city. Its mountainous area is in the northern part of the city.

Climatic Features: The city enjoys a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate with low altitudes, north of the tropic of cancer. Influenced by the ocean climate, Zhanjiang escapes the heat of the summer and chilliness of the winter.

When to Go: Zhanjiang is favorable for visiting at any season because of its comfortable weather.

Local Products: sea food, pearl, sugarcane, blood orange, litchi, sweet potato

Scenic Spots:
Huguangyan National Scenic Area: This scenic area is also a national geological park famous for its natural volcano relic. It has the most typical and largest maar (volcanic) lake in the world.
Donghai Island: It ranks as the fifth largest island in China. A popular holiday resort has been built on the east side of the island. In addition to the forest and beautiful sea, it also has a 28-kilomter-long beach.
Naozhou Island: This is a beautiful island that is favorable for a visit at any season. The Naozhou Beacon with over a hundred years' history is the highlight of the island.

Universities in Zhanjiang
Guangdong Ocean University
Zhanjiang Normal University

Cities Of Guangdong
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