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Cities Of Shandong
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Study in Weifang, Shandong Province

Population: 2,490,900

Area: 5,698 square kilometers (2,200 square miles)

Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division: 1 district (Huancui); 3 county-level cities (Wendeng, Rongcheng, Rushan)

Location: Located in the east end of Shandong Province, Weihai is surrounded by the Yellow Sea in the north, east and south with a 986 kilometers (613 miles) coastline in total. It neighbors Yantai in the west and is separated from Korean Peninsular and Japanese chain islands by the sea in the east.

History: Since the Wendeng County was established in 568, this area maintained relatively stable in administrative region. Weihai has an old name for Weihaiwei in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) due to the Weihai Port which is set up to resist intruding harass brought by Japanese pirates.

Physical Features: Weihai belongs to undulant hilly area featuring gentle slopes and broad valleys. Apart from the major hilly area, Weihai has broad area of littoral plain and mountain foot plain. The terrain of the city slopes gently, and most of the hills are less than 300 meters (984 feet) high. Its seashore area is winding with numerous interleaving headland bays, harbors and islets.

Climatic Features: Situated in the mid-latitude zone, the city enjoys a temperate continental monsoon climate, with clear four seasons and seasonal wind. Compared with other cities at the same latitude, Weihai is abundant in rainfall. Affected by the sea, Weihai is cold in spring, cool in summer, moderate in autumn and warm in winter.

When to Go: Without winter chilliness and summer heat, Weihai is favorable for visiting all the year round, especially in summer.

Special Local product: pear jujube, flat peach, gingko, genseng

Scenic Spots:

Liugong Island: This island is in the exit of the Weihai Bay, only 20 minutes' ride from the dock in downtown Weihai. It is not only a forest park but also a beautiful island attracting visitors for its moving history during war time in old days.
Chengshantou: The cape lies at the easternmost of the mainland Weihai in the Chengshan Mountains, Rongcheng City. Reputed as the 'place where the sun rises' and 'the Cape of Good Hope in China', Chengshantou boasts cliffy crags facing the sea, on the top of which visitors can admire the deep blue sea and onrushing billows.
Weihai International Bathing Beach: Ranking as one of the bathing beach of beat quality in China, this perfect summer resort is surrounded by two mountains in the west and the east. It is one of the three most popular scenic areas of the city.

Other Scenic Spots: Fahua Temple at Chishan Mountain, Swan Lake

Universities in Weifang

Weifang University

Cities Of Shandong

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