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Chinese education exhibition draw many Vietnamese students

Over 30 well-known Chinese universities gathered in Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi on Saturday for an annual education exhibition that drew a large number of students and their parents each year.

The Seventh China Education Exhibition in Vietnam is jointly held by education authorities of China and Vietnam. The universities, such as Beijing University, Tianjin University, Beijing Normal University and some medical, engineering universities participated in this year's event.

Le Thanh Hai, a sophomore student at Vietnam Foreign Trade University came to the exhibition very early in the morning."I am thinking of going to China for a master program after graduation."

Hai, currently a Chinese language major student, said she wants to learn economics in graduate study in China."China's economy is developing rapidly and has become world third largest economy. Meanwhile, economic exchanges between Vietnam and China are developing fast. Considering the strong education capability of Chinese universities and job prospect, I should go to China,"she said.

Hai has visited booths of a few Chinese universities and she preferred ones in southern part of the country."It will not be too cold for me to live there."

Figures from Chinese Education Ministry showed that increasing number of Vietnamese student have flocked to China in recent years. Last year, over 12,000 Vietnamese students studied in China. The number ranks fourth after those of Republic of Korea, the United States and Japan among all the foreign students in China.

"China and Vietnam are close neighbors with similar customs and life style. Vietnamese students find it easier to adapt to the environment when they study in China,"said Zhai Leiming, Political Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Vietnam at the exhibition.

Truong Vinh Phuc, deputy director of the training department of Vietnamese Education and Training Ministry considered the exhibition "an excellent opportunity". "Vietnamese students will get first-hand information through talking with Chinese teachers," he said.
Seeing the exhibition hall packed with students holding brochures on updated enrollment information of Chinese universities, Truong said that he expected every student could find the university best suitable for him or her.
While Chinese universities are favored by Vietnamese students, the Vietnamese students are also favored by Chinese teachers.
Vietnamese students are"diligent and smart", said Shen Qinfeng from Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine. There are currently 25 Vietnamese students studying traditional Chinese medicine in her university.
Shen said the Vietnamese students, who came to China with no background of Chinese language, will first study Chinese. It is impressive that they work very hard and could pass Chinese proficiency test HSK level 6 after one-year study, she said, adding that in China, most universities require HSK Level 6 or higher to be accepted.
Shen said in the second year, the students could use Chinese to learn courses of their medical major and Vietnamese students are usually among top ten in the class.
Following Hanoi leg, the education exhibition will have two more stops in Vietnam including central Hue city and southern Ho Chi Minh City.
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