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Pakistan-China Friendship Year 2011


On 22nd March, Pakistan-China Friendship Year 2011 Cultural Activities Reception and the Opening Ceremony of Chinese Culture Experience Centre were successfully held by the Confucius Institute in Islamabad (CII), in National University of Modern Languages. Mr. Yang Linhai-Cultural Counselor from the Chinese Embassy, Dr. Aziz- Rector of the National University of Modern Languages, Mr. Javed- Additional Secretary from the Foreign Ministry, and Mr. Zafar- CEO of Pak-China Bureau from Punjab were invited to grace the occasion. Journalists from both China and Pakistan, representative teacher and students from Roots, Nusrat Jahan, MLC & C and NUML were also present on the reception and ceremony.

2011 is considered as the Pakistan-China Friendship Year, to overview the glory and hardships faced in the past 60 years and also to promote the profound friendship between these two countries. During Primer Minister Wen Jiabao’s visit last November, Pakistani and Chinese governments drafted plans to establish wide-ranging cooperation in the areas of politics, economy and culture, the main point among which is to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. As the envoy to promote Chinese culture in Pakistan, CII has played a significant role in developing Pakistan-China friendship and promoting cultural exchange. In the friendship year, CII will make use of its own advantage as the main platform and hub for interaction in cultural and educational areas between the two countries. A series of important cultural functions will be held to deepen Pak-China diplomatic relations. This function not only serves as the inaugurating ceremony of Pak-China Friendship Year Cultural Programs by CII, but also the opening ceremony of Chinese Culture Experience Center in CII.

Prof. Dr. Aziz, Rector of NUML presented his welcome address to all the guests. He said that Pak-China friendship was higher than mountains and deeper than oceans, and hoped the youth would carry on and make this valuable friendship much stronger. Dr. Aziz highly praised CII’s contribution and role in promoting cultural exchange between the two countries, and congratulated CII on being awarded “Confucius Institute of the Year” once again. He continued to announce the detailed plan for the cultural programs, including Summer Camps, the 10th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students and Confucius Institute Scholarships. In addition to organizing various functions such as Principal Delegation to China, Forums on Pak-China friendship and Picture Exhibition of Pak-China friendship have been in progress. Mr. Yang Linhai, the Cultural Councilor of the Chinese Embassy, delivered a significant speech in which he spoke highly of the efforts and contributions made by CII and later announced a exciting news for those who wish to study in China: Chinese government is planning to offer 500 scholarships to Pakistani students in the upcoming three years. Mr. Yang said: “The students studying Chinese Language in the country are the future diplomats who can play their dynamic role in intensifying a deeper understanding between the two neighboring countries. The leadership of both countries focused on student-to-student interaction, for this purpose we are supporting a Pakistani students’ delegation to visit China”. Yang’s speech was cheered by the students instantaneously.

Mr. Javed, Additional Secretary from the Foreign Ministry and Mr. Zafar, CEO of Pak-China Bureau of Punjab, also commended the Pak-China friendship in their remarks, expressing that they would like to work together with the Chinese Embassy and CII to push the Pak-China relations to a new height in this “Pak-China Friendship Year”.

After the unveiling ceremony of the CII newly built “Chinese Culture Experiencing Center”, CII students presented a well-prepared performance in Chinese and Urdu language for the guests. In Chinese Culture Experiencing Center, modern multi-media technology is used to introduce and exhibit Chinese language & culture. Users could get more authentic experiences of China through three-dimensional combination of video and audio. The launch of the cultural center not only diversified the CII Chinese classroom, but also opened a Chinese window for the local residents.

The Guests and participants had a thorough discussion over the series of the CII’s upcoming cultural communication events during the reception party that followed and expressed hope that they would try their best to coordinate the activities and be willing to cooperate with CII in future. The CII’s staff was surrounded by the students who were desirous to know the specific details of these events. The CII staff members gave concrete answers to all the questions raised, welcoming more Pakistani students to participate fully in the forthcoming cultural communication activities.

The overall success of this reception, officially served as the prelude to CII‘s series of events to be organized during this “Pak-China Friendship Year”. In the coming months, CII will work hard as the bond in non-governmental exchanges, devoting itself to the cultural communication between students of both countries, to intensify mutual understanding and enhance extensive intercourse.

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