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Beijing, Shanghai Enjoy Highest GDP Quality in China: Report

A report released Friday shows that Beijing and Shanghai came first and second in China in terms of their gross domestic product (GDP) quality in 2010.

The two cities are followed by eastern Zhejiang Province, northern Tianjin Municipality and eastern Jiangsu Province, according to a report issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The report, which focuses on China's scientific development, is the first one to sequence the country's provincial-level regions based on their GDP quality.

GDP quality is used to evaluate how integrated a region's economic growth is with social stability, protection of the environment and improvement of people's well-being, according to the report.

A total of 15 elements are used to measure a region's GDP quality, such as energy and water consumption, the ratio of fiscal revenue to GDP, urbanization rate, registered unemployment rate, per capita income and life expectancy, according to the report.

Northwestern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region ranks last in the list, preceded successively by northwestern Gansu Province and southwestern Guizhou Province, said the report, adding that most low-ranking regions are in the country's western areas.

Niu Wenyuan, editor-in-chief of the report and a counsellor of the State Council, or China's Cabinet, said "we cannot blindly worship GDP and nor can we discard GDP."

The key to a scientific understanding of GDP lies in pursuit of a "high-quality GDP" that features rationality and high efficiency, less use of resources, less sacrifice of the environment, and an overall reduction in cost of natural resources, production and the society, said Niu.

A commentary on the recent bullet train crash run by Thursday's People's Daily, the country's flagship newspaper, said the country should say no to a "blood-smeared GDP" and uphold the "people first" concept.

The idea of "people's lives -- above all," should prevail throughout the entire chain of production, operation and management, according to the commentary.

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