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Investigation on How Much You Love China

NE_Tigress : I love China so much that I would prefer to marry an ugly, poor, uneducated Chinese criminal who would beat me rather than a handsome, educated, smart, rich and loving foreigner who would adore me.
Firstcause : I love China but it allows too many Anglos in its midst and they're running around pillaging, raping and sprouting propaganda. Anglos are evil and should be wiped out the face of the Earth.
1584austin : I love China cuz every 12 years they have a year just for pigs !
snappysammy : I don't care much about China but I do love Chinese girls
29042012 : China should not bully me in saying whether or not I love China ! If China wants to know how much I love it they should ask the question in front of an international court of law !
Robert237 : I love China because I ordered a Chinese bride on the Internet and that pretty much makes me an expert on China. Also, I have once been to the zoo and saw a tiger, which makes me an expert on fat cats.
Revolutionar : the Queen Bees always want the little bees to say how much they love them but democracy allows me to tell the Queen Bees that I might be a little bee but there are other things in this world and what was the question again ?
SMITHI : China ? I thought this was a forum where one could profess his profound hatred about zionazis ? What does China has to do with everything here ?
Kbay : I love China because Chinese people are obviously smarter, taller, better lovers, better looking, more innovative than any other people on the planet ! And I hope that if I say it loud enough they will finally stop consider me as an outsider because I come from Hong Kong
saltandpepper : I love China and its great Chairman Mao who saved China from the greedy hyenas willing to kill it, rape it, and defecate in its still warm body. Now China is free from greedy hyenas thanks to the great Chairman Mao but the struggle continues everyday and I hope the spirit of Great Chairman Mao will keep us free from greedy hyenas influence for a thousand year to come. Also, I do enjoy my wu mao per post.
seneca : I love China, I just dislike Chinese people.
DSseeing : I cannot answer this question as I didn't find any article to copy/paste.
petera : I love China because China was not behind the most monumental lie the world has ever created in manufacturing obviously fake images regarding 9/11 and pretending it was a terrorist attack when, it's an evidence, the zionists and the New World Order were behind it and are the reason for everything that is wrong in the world today.
JFenix : I love China, people offered me some when I got married and it looks very pretty.
xilaren : I don't care much about China but I do love 中文!
Mister Panda: I love China because this is the only place in the world where my weak magic show still sells.