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Welcome to China, but Please Do Respect us

Foreigners face visa scrutiny - Popular Beijing spots for foreigners, such as Sanlitun and university areas, will be targeted by police in a fresh drive against visitors who commit crimes, outstay their visas or gain illegal employment, authorities said on Monday.

Nowadays, many foreigners are pouring into China for study, business, traveling and so on. We all Chinese welcome you guys to come here and enjoy with us the beautiful days in China on the condition that u obey all the policy and rules of Chinese goverment. Most of the foreigners have done a good job here, anyway ,still a part of them are not in good behavior.  Here's the example happened in China these days which made us Chinese shocked and angry.

1. What Would u say with this Laowai

A video now going viral on shows a white blonde male putting his feet over the seat before him and a Chinese female passenger's head on a train from Shenyang to Beijing. It is not clear what happened before the start of this video, but the woman was clearly irritated by the man's behavior. She stood up, turned around, and hit the man's feet with a magazine, saying "you are a big shame to your country." ("你真给你国家丢人")

However, the foreign man showed no intention to move his feet away and instead called the woman's beating a "a massage."

The woman finally threw her magazine at the man as the man hurled other insults at her, saying she was "Shabi" (傻屄: "silly c*nt").

The train's policeman later arrived and questioned the foreign man. The laowai said there were problems in communicating with the woman and denied that he had uttered any dirty words.

Here, I want to say, you are a discredit to your whole country.


2. British Guy In Beijing Assaults A Woman And Is Beaten For It!

Where: Beijing city 100 meters south of the Xuanwumen subway entrance opposite the Sogo Department Store. When: 2012 May 8th around 23:20 [11:20pm]. At the time, Big Brother [referring to self] was getting off work and closing the shop and a Little Brother [referring to a younger man] ran over in a panic, “Big Brother, hurry, there’s someone crying for help over there”. At the time, Big Brother didn’t think much about it, because when the road is not level, Big Brother will go level it [when one sees a problem, one does something], and quickly rushed to the scene, but what bitterly disappointed Big Brother was that there were so many people there on the side of the road watching but not doing anything. The scene did not allow for much thought, it had to be stopped, otherwise the consequences would truly be unimaginable, so Big Borhter and another “see injustice and do what is right” friend, and a Little Brother bravely went forth. Cao, Big Brother is Chinese, and every citizen of China is Big Brother’s brother and sister, so how can Big Brother tolerate them being bullied/taken advantaged of by others? Big Brother was put on this earth to fight bad guys! I want to tell all the sisters of our motherland: “The night is dark, your family is waiting for you to return home; The day is late, don’t go out alone, and especially when it is summer, don’t dress so revealingly! You may not know that there is a pair of eyes is behind you staring at you, so listen to Big Brother and go home!”

—-They all call me Big Brother

Last night, a video of a drunk man near Xuanwumen who had sexually assaulted a girl being stopped by passersby captured everyone’s attention, who asked what had happened. From police investigations, on 2012 May 8th around 11pm, a foreign national male began molesting a woman in public after drinking. When passersby saw, they stopped him and called the police. The police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the man. Afterward, the police put him in a detainment room for him to sober up and is currently being detained for investigation in accordance to law. This man is a British national and holds a tourist visa. At present, this case is currently in legal proceedings.

"Hey guys, remember u r in china. U r running big risks of doing such a stupid and ugly thing, go away of China" Comment by many Chinese people.

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