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Twenty-six Universities Come for Chinese Higher Education Fair in METU, Turkey

The Chinese higher education fair was held successfully in the Cultural Center of Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey on March 7th, 2012. Twenty-six well-known universities in China, including Beijing University, Beijing International Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, attended the fair. Jointly organized by the China Scholarship Council, the Chinese embassy in Turkey, Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University, the Chinese higher education fair in METU is one of the major events being held as part of the "Chinese Culture Year" in Turkey in 2012, which aims at providing a platform for universities in China and Turkey and deepening cooperation in education between the two countries.

The fair attracted hundreds of people from Ankara University, Capital University, Bilkent University, even Erciyes University, far away from Ankara, as well as METU, who are interested in studying in China. They streamed into each booth and enquired for the information of studying and scholarship issues.

Huang Jintong(Kim), a Cambodian student from Middle East Technical University, gained favor by several universities soon because of his competence in speaking English, Turkish and Chinese. Among those universities Harbin Institute of Technology and two others had consented to offer scholarship; Yica, another student, who can speak Chinese with good pronunciation and fluent English, was also granted a full scholarship by a university; A translator who graduated from Middle East Technical University shuttled among booths, hoping to pursue the degree of M.A. in China; a student from Erciyes University, Ou Binge, excelling at acting and speaking Chinese who would participate in the "Chinese Bridge" Competition this year, also got the scholarship after consulting several universities. With the help of the Chinese teachers in the Confucius Institute at METU, many Turkish students, longing to study in China but knowing little about Chinese universities, got intensive consultation with the universities at fair. Many educators and students in Turkey showed great interest in studying in China.

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