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Top 5 January Destinations in China

New Year is coming, and the Spring Festival is just around the corner. Where to relax yourself and have fun with your family after a year of hard work? We select the top 5 most suitable destinations to enjoy a wonderful holiday this January.

NO.5 Mohe Arctic Village, Heilongjiang (漠河北极村)

Mohe Arctic Village in Heilongjiang

As the northmost point of China, Mohe Village is known as "China's Arctic Village" and the "place that never sleeps". Every year around the summer solstice, it is the best place to watch the Northern Lights and White Nights in the country. In winter, it becomes a world of ice and snow. Visitors can go skating and skiing, have a snowball fight with friends, make a snowman with your family, or even learn how to catch fish by making holes in the ice. By staying at a local family hotel, you can thoroughly experience daily life in the Arctic.

NO.4 Yanqing County, Beijing (北京延庆)

The ice sculpture in Yanqing County of Beijing

Yanqing County, 74 kilometers northwest of downtown Beijing, is the northern gate of the capital. Although a famous summer resort, it's also a wonderful place to enjoy winter. Visitors can take a hike on the Great Wall, go skiing in the Badaling Ski Resort and Shijinglong Ski Resort, enjoy hot springs at Badaling Hot Spring Resort, and have fun on the frozen lake in the Xiadu Park. From December to February each year, the Yanqing Ice and Snow Tourism Festival is held by the local government. This year, the 26th festival opened in mid-December and will last till the end of February 2012. Colorful ice lanterns, interesting ice sculpture and various activities will provide you with an ideal getaway.

NO.3 Songhua River, Jilin (吉林松花江)

The rime along the Songhua River

In northeast China's Jilin Province, there is a river that doesn't freeze in the wintertime. Thanks to a nearby power station, water in the Songhua River runs through the province even in the depths of winter. The region is also renowned for amazing hard rime scenery. After a sudden temperature drop in winter, both banks of the river are decorated in beautiful rime hanging on willow and pine trees. The region is regarded as one of China's four natural wonders, together with the Stone Forest in Yunnan, Mountains and Waters in Guilin and the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River. Around January each year, the Jilin International Rime and Snow Festival is held by local government. This year, the 17th annual festival will open on Dec. 27 and last till the end of February.

NO.2 Ocean Spring Resort, Guangdong (珠海海泉湾)

Ocean Spring Resort in Zhuhai

Located in the west of Zhuhai City, in southwest Guangdong Province, Ocean Spring Resort features charming sea sights, hot spring spas, beautiful islands, comfortable hotel rooms and various sport facilities. Covering about 5.1 square kilometers, the resort consists of over 100 hot springs, two five-star Mediterranean style hotels, a wharf, a theme park, a theater, a fitness club and a golf course. When other cities become freezing in this month, a stroll along the island and a soak in a hot spring spa will warm your spirits.

The ice sculptures of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

With its arctic climate and abundant ice and snow, Harbin, the capital of northeast Heilongjiang Province, is known as China's "Ice City". The world famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, established in 1963, is one of the world's four largest ice and snow festivals, along with Japan's Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada's Quebec City Winter Carnival, and Norway's Ski Festival. Starting on Jan. 5th each year, the festival begins and lasts over one month. During that time, exquisite ice sculptures are decorated with colorful ice lanterns; and winter sports competitions attract thousands of locals and overseas visitors.


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