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2008 Beijing Olympic flame in Brighton College

The second week of May in 2012 was “the Olympic Week” of Brighton College in Britain. All the departments were busy preparing for various forms of colorful Olympic activities. The Mandarin teachers were outstanding and have already prepared very carefully the speech material about 2008 Olympic Games. What’s more, they designed the wonderful activities for every class.

The Five Rings of Olympic were hanging outside of the main building

The most successful activity for the students is the lecture on Beijing Olympic Games. It involved the time of Olympic Opening Ceremony, the meaning of the symbol, the lovely Olympic Mascots—Fuwa, its origin of design, “the faster, the higher, the stronger”--- the lofty Olympic Spirits, the representative Olympic building such as the Birds Nest, the Water Cube and the Olympic Village, the splendid Olympic achievements (51 golden and over 100 medals in all) achieved a major breakthrough in the historic, and at last the excellent athlete represented by Liu Xiang and Guo Jingjing. Although, the students from Brighton College are almost native people and they have never been to Beijing, their wonderful performances during the lecture made the Mandarin teachers shocked. Consequently, it showed that the Mandarin teaching in Brighton College was very successful.

Ms Huang was introducing the 2008 Olympic Games to the students of Year 7.