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Foreign Student Jason Loose in China Share Bread with a Beggar in the Street

May,7, a foreign student shared  French fries with a beggar in the streets .This is another small charity event on the 16th last month, Tianjin, a brother free blind "positive energy" storm blowing in the network, the Internet burst, causing the public interest.

 photographed by Passers-by

"McDonald's door, a foreigner to buy two bag of chips, and give begging grandmother a packet of two men sat on the floor, happily eating, talking different languages, the world still love."

Yesterday, the two photos on the network crazy pass a foreign guy sitting in a ragged old lady around, both hands clutching a bag of chips each, sitting in the doorway of a fast food restaurant at the other photos.
this foreigner is the body to the elderly pour, the scene is warm and there is love.

These two pictures on the day before the first users upload to your personal micro-Bo, followed by forward multiple microblogging accounts, causing many users moved and resonance, only one of which was forwarded more than 10,000 times. Yesterday evening, the reporter linked to the shooting of one of the photographs, Cao students reading the Drum Tower in Nanjing University campus. Cao students said that this photo with the students when passing near the Drum Tower Campus of Nanjing University, Guangzhou Road, a fast-food restaurants readily capture the old lady in "The photo is often in the vicinity of begging, but rarely draw attention yesterday
suddenly saw a foreigner to sit together to eat, and her feeling of great love, shot down. "

This is Yang Lei Feng

According to Nanjing to local media reports, scene photographs have been confirmed by the McDonald's staff.

It is learned that the foreigners the full name, Jason Loose, named Lu Jiesen, Los Angeles, USA, graduated from Arizona State University, in September last year, came to Nanjing University to participate in the pilot project of the Chinese in Nanjing, a sports brand company internship.

Lujie Sen, said to the grandmother to buy French fries also a coincidence. He was from Nanjing Zhujiang to Guangzhou Road, go, I suddenly saw the McDonald's sitting in front of the barefoot begging for the elderly, compassion arises spontaneously, so they buy two boxes of french fries, sitting on the old lady next to her drink and chat

This is not the first time Lujie Sen and begging for the elderly to eat - he gave the old man begging to send juice, also accompany other beggars meal. "I was very lucky day, food to eat, a place to live, good jobs and families but not all. They may be born family condition is not good, may grow up to do miss things. but they are now eking out a living, there is no reason why we do not give help. "