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New HSK online test center in Jiangsu University

    Recently, for the convenience of overseas students and other foreigners around, Jiangsu University applied to Hanban/Confucius Institute and granted permission for setting a HSK online test center in the new library of our university.
    Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is an international standard exam to test Chinese proficiency. The test focuses on the examinee’s Chinese language abilities used in life, study and career. HSK test is divided into two independent written and oral exams. Written exam includes HSK level 1-6, while the oral exam consists of HSK basic, intermediate and advanced level. Exam structure and the content of both Traditional HSK written exam and the Online exam are completely same. Difference lies in that online exam is conducted on computer and further collected and corrected through the networking, a paperless process.
    The online test centers organizes exams round the year, facilitating easy and multiple attempt opportunities for the examinees. Audio broadcast for listening part of the exam is done independent to every examinee unlike previously common broadcast in the classroom, thus avoiding surrounding noise disturbances. Answering and typing on the computer saves time too.