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Prawns in a "Bird's-Nest"

500g live prawns, 200g potatoes, 5g soaked hair-like seaweed, a stick of celery, 150g cooked green soybeans, 25g soaked Xianggu mushrooms

1- Cut the potatoes into strips and soak in salt water, remove and mix with dry cornstarch and flour.
2- Remove heads and shells and wash the prwans, mix with condiments and cornstarch.
3- Arrange the potato strips in the shape of a bird's nest, deep-fry the "nest" in 70% heated oil until golden.
4- Arrange the celery in the shape of tree branches. Put the "nest" on the top of the "branches".
5- Put the hair-like seaweed at the root of the "tree". Deep-fry the prawns in 50% heated oil.
6- Saute the green soybeans and mushrooms, add condiments and chicken soup, thicken with cornstarch put in prawns and stir-fly remove to the "nest".