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'Hot' web words added to Chinese dictionary


The latest version of the standard Chinese dictionary includes new words frequently used by web users. The third edition of the Dictionary of Contemporary Standard Chinese has added more than 100 new "hot" words, including Tu Cao (may mean complain, mock or comment, depending on the context), Wei Xin (WeChat), Shi Lian (lost contact) and more. New meanings or usage of some older words have a...

Give Up One Phone, Own More Valuable Things


t is reported that Apple will release iPhone 6 in WWDC 2014 in September, 2014. Although Apple’s common price for new phone is about $500, the estimate price for iPhone 6 without contract is even $929 (Because of its large crystal display). If you are an Apple fan, you may saving money for it right now. However, if you read this article and learned what you can get in China with the money for an...

Could new iPads' going into production reinvigorate sales growth


Apple Inc's suppliers have started making new iPads, according to people with knowledge of the matter, as the company works to reinvigorate sales of the tablet computers after two straight losing quarters. Mass production of a full-sized iPad with a 9.7-inch screen is already underway, with a launch projected for the end of this quarter or early next, said two of the people, who asked not to b...

Nigerian tests negative for Ebola in Hong Kong


Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection said Sunday night that a Nigerian man, earlier suspected of having the deadly Ebola virus, has tested negative at Princess Margaret Hospital. It was the first suspected case of Ebola, which is spread through blood and body fluid, in Hong Kong following an outbreak in West Africa. The 32-year-old who had been vomiting and suffering from diarrhea, both s...

A Letter Winning the Father-in-Law's Heart


Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and wish the day is a cool one there in Harbin, unlike here in Shandong, where it is hell-grade hot as I write. I write this letter to protest your reaction to my dating your daughter. She has told me all about it. Man to man, I dare say, I am ashamed on your behalf and will pretend you were drunk in all the instances you did the thi...

Bite of summer freshness


In hot summers, nothing whets our appetite like a fresh salad. Quick and easy to make, it is a must-have on the table. While many may think it’s just about mixing some vegetables together and adding a sauce, salads come in many variations around the world. Here, we introduce one well-known salad from Asia, named Sesame Chicken Salad. Packed with fresh vegetables and a sesame dressing, this chi...

A Hit On Screen


The third instalment of author-turned-director Guo Jingming'syouth-driven drama,Tiny Times" raked in over 100 million yuan,or some $US 16 million, on its first day at the box officeWednesday.    Figures roughly tallied by China's mainstream cinemas show that "Tiny Times 3" overtook two-thirds of the domestic box office on its premiere date.   Based on Guo's own novels of the same n...

‘Chicken cup' sip has netizens on boil


A centuries-old doucai "chicken cup" has been a hot topic on the Internet since last week when Shanghai billionaire Liu Yiqian took a much-talked about sip using a $36 million cup. Photos of Liu and the cup emerged after he had traveled to Hong Kong to collect the ancient porcelain cup he purchased at a Sotheby's auction in April. "I was so excited when I finally saw the cup. The cup carries t...

Shanghai workshop molds pottery artists


Using three simple materials and a pair of hands, students at this work shop can transform a lump of earth into a feat of clay. Yu Ran discovers the allure of an ancient craft. Soil, water and fire. With the same materials that man used to produce the first pots a few thousand years ago, hobbyists at the Pottery Workshop in Shanghai mold their ceramics to perpetuate one of the most ancient huma...

Top 10 Chinese Cuisine Overseas


Top 10 Chinese Cuisine Overseas There’s no denying that Chinese food is one of the best-known and best-accepted cuisines around the world. Wherever Chinese immigrants settled, they brought their unique food with them as well as the special culinary art, and then it spread wildly and soon won not only the tongue but the hearts of thousands of millions of overseas gourmets. Undoubtedly Chinese re...

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