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Jiuzhai Valley -- A Best Place To Spend Summer Holiday


Fantastic Jiuzhai Valley Likes the angel of summer, Bringing the crystal clear green And amazing visitors. Light green, dark green, jade green... all the colors of green mingle into Jiuzhai Valley, providing shade every summer. Jiuzhai Valley shows the vitality of nature as well as its charming scenery. How I wish to immerse myself in the dream of endless green, unwill...

Outdoor rest and recreation


SUMMER in Shanghai is no picnic. First comes the rain and humidity of late June and early July. If you can survive the sticky discomfort, next comes the oven-like heat of August. For those who can’t swing an extended vacation to more favorable climes, just a few hour’s drive from Shanghai is Moganshan. This secluded mountain haven in nearby Zhejiang Province boasts plenty of cooling shade in it...

China’s Hubei Shennongjia added to World Heritage List


The 40th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Istanbul on Sunday decided to put China’s Hubei Shennongjia on the prestigious World Heritage List as a natural site, bringing to 50 the number of listed Chinese sites. Shennongjia is considered as a treasure of wildlife renowned with high plant diversity, said a report by the advisory body on China. "Shennongjia has been a place of ...

China presents Shaanxi to the world


With an aim to showcase the development of Shaanxi province, “An Open China: Shaanxi Engaging the World” promotional event was co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Shaanxi government on July 5, in Beijing. Lou Qinjian, secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, and secretary of the standing committee of the provincial People’s Congress, and Wang Yi, minister of Foreign A...

Huawei launches new smartphone P9 in Vietnam


HANOI - New dual-lens P9 smartphone of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei will be available for sales in Vietnam from Sunday, the company said during a press conference held Thursday in Vietnam's capital Hanoi. As of July 12, there were nearly 400 purchase orders on websites of its distributors in Vietnam, showing the product's attraction in Vietnamese market, said a press release. Huaw...

Foreigners share hilarious examples of mangled English in China and show its lighter side


Frankie Bromage, 23, could not help but laugh when she read some of the sentences in the pamphlet the Hangzhou government compiled for its residents ahead of the G20 summit in September in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Titled To Quickly Memorize 100 English Sentences, the pamphlet teaches residents how to say some common English expressions by using pinyin that sounds similar. "'Welcome to Hangzh...

Tai Chi good for your heart: study


People living with heart disease, high blood pressure or stroke may benefit from practicing traditional Chinese exercises such as Tai Chi, showed a study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association. "Traditional Chinese exercises are a low-risk, promising intervention that could be helpful in improving quality of life in patients with cardiovascular diseases -- the lea...

500 salute sun in Beijing for International Yoga Day


Around 500 yoga enthusiasts gathered in Beijing's Chaoyang Park on Saturday to mark the second International Day of Yoga on June 21. The event, organized in part by the Indian embassy in Beijing, saw the group practice limbering sun salutations under the scorching sun under the guidance of Indian yoga masters. The popularity in China of the ancient Indian practice, which combines meditation with...

The capital's biggest pizza party


A man takes a bite of a slice of pizza at The Beijinger 2014 Pizza Cup Launch Party in Beijing on Oct 18, 2014. The Beijinger's Pizza Cup Launch Party touched down on Saturday in Beijing, with around 3,000 expats and locals attending to take part in the capital's pizza carnival, with games, live music, beer and of course, pizzas. Held at an open area at Galaxy Soho, visitors were offered the...

Tourist Resources of Hunan Province


Hunan is blessed not only with beautiful mountains and crystal-clear rivers, but also with historical sites and cultural relics. Mao Zedong’s former residence in the Shao Mountain village is one of the sites and relics under protection at the national level. Zhangjiajie is a newly developed international tourist city. Its main tourist draw is the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, which was added t...

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