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(Mind-Blowing) Words of Wisdom - Life Advice from a China Expat Sage


Over its millennia of history the Chinese language has accrued a vast array of chengyus and proverbs, written down by Confucian scholars, Buddhist monks, warrior generals and even emperors, pontificating on everything from sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, to the meaning of life itself. Some of these have withstood the test of time, '千里之行始于足下' (A thousand 'mile' journey begins with a single step), wh...

From March 1 Train Tickets Bought Online Must Be Authenticated


From March 1, China’s only train ticket booking site ( will require thorough identity information verification. It can be verified online or at the ticket booth in the station. So don’t forget to bring ID.

Rain Water


When the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 330 degrees, the solar term of “The Rains”(雨水) arrives. “The Rains” indicates that as the weather gets warmer, the amount of rainfall increases, at the same time the form of precipitation transforms from snowfall to rainfall. It usually happens on February 18 or February 19 and ends on March 4 or March 5. When passing the day of “The Rains”, the we...

2013 China's progress report on combating pollution


The Vice-minister of China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection is briefing the press about the progress made in combating environmental pollution in 2013. According to information released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, 62 out of the 74 officially monitored cities in China did not meet the pollution standard on at least 15 days in December. That’s twice as many cities as in No...

Air travel to Taiwan continues to take off


Lin, 38, who works in finance in Shanghai, says he always tries to buy an air ticket as early as September, more than four months ahead of the Spring Festival — which starts this year on Jan 31, the New Year's Day of China's lunar calendar. "More Taiwan people are working on the mainland, and more mainland tourists are traveling to Taiwan during the New Year's break," says Lin, who has been wor...

China software to rival Android, iOS


The operating system, known as China Operating System, or COS, was developed by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with Shanghai Lian Tong Network Communication Technology Inc. The system has a number of key selling points, its developers say, including applicability to a wide range of computer-based hardware, not just smartphones, and the claim that it fixes...

Conferring Ceremony of Oriental Scholars Held in SHNU


The titles conferring ceremony of distinguished professor for universities in Shanghai was held on November 4th. SHNU president Zhang Minxuan and SHNU Vice President Ke Qinfei conferred the certificates to 3 scholars, namely, Dr. Bian Zhenfeng and Dr. Xiao Shengxiaong from College of Life and Environmental Sciences, and Dr. Shi Lishan from College of Law & Political Sc...

Books with bling


Stylish dealer combines Chinese and European elements to lure readers, Wu Ni reports in Shanghai.In a time when a click of mouse can get a book delivered to your door, would anyone bother to go to a bricks-and-mortar bookstore?The Zhongshuge Bookshop, dubbed the most beautiful bookshop in Shanghai, makes it worth paying a visit whether you need a new hardcover or not.Located in Thames Town, a Br...

Movie Directed and Shot by SHNU to be Officially Released


The urban love movie Dating Fever is about to be officially released throughout China on November 1. It is jointly produced by SHNU Department of Public Communications, Humanities and Communication College and Shanghai Vision Television Company Wang Xu and Gu Zhengyi, screenwriters of Dating Fever, are SHNU students of 2010 session majoring in Film and TV Literature in the ...

Trip to Nanjing


Our trip to Nanjing for a gathering of foreign students from Jiangsu province started early as we had to leave Jiangsu University at 6.30am. We all were still a bit sleepy in the bus but this faded away as soon as we reached Nanjing. Our first stop was the Nanjing Art College where we took some pictures and then we proceeded on foot to Shi Tou Cheng Park where the dragon boat races and gather...

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