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Guiyuan Temple
By admin on 2015-03-03

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Guiyuan Temple is famous as the first Chan (Zen) temple to be built in Hubei. It was constructed in 1658. It is a large complex, featuring many a variety of structures with the most famous being the Hall of Arhats, which was built in 1850. There are 500 arhat (Buddhist disciples) statues inside. They are said to have taken nine years to carve, and each is unique. They are so beautiful and many are quite intricate; worth the time to walk around to see all of them!


Guiyuan Temple consists of five courtyards, such as, the eastern courtyard, the western courtyard, the southern courtyard, the northern courtyard, and the middle courtyard. The eastern one is the entrance of the temple; the southern one is Arhat Hall; the northern one is the Sutra Collection Pavilion; the middle one is Daxiong Hall.

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