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Yellow Crane Tower
By admin on 2015-03-03

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Yellow Crane Tower, located on Snake Hill in Wuchang, together with Yueyang Pavilion in Hunan Province andTengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi Province, is praised as the Three Most Notable Towers in the south of the Yangtze River.. In China, even a 4-year-ole child may be know this attraction because of the famous poem named Huang He Lou which is the Chinese pronunciation of Yellow Crane Tower.


Due to the high frequency of being quoted or mentioned of this poem, everyone develops their unique feelings toward the Yellow Crane Tower before they witness the real features. In a word, Yellow Crane Tower deserves its fame.

With its original function of ministry gave place to a scenic spot for junketing and chanting in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Yellow Crane Tower had witnessed the artistic talent of many celebrities including Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Jia Dao etc. Famous lines of some are still widely read nowadays.

Now the new tower is a five-story building with a height of 50.4 meters (165.4 ft). Murals, statues of famous poets, poems and paintings are situated inside the tower. Standing on the grand tower, one can overlook the beautiful landscape of Wuhan City as well as the remarkable Yangtze River.

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