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Mount Sanqingshan National Park
By admin on 2015-03-03

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Mount Sanqingshan National Park is located at the junction of Yushan County, Shangrao City and Dexing City in the northeast of Jiangxi Province. It is 50 kilometers away from Yushan County. Mount Sanqingshang got its name as it is composed of three summits resting in a row, that is, Yujing, Yushui and Yuhua, which represents the Taoist trinity. Sanqing signifies the “Three Pure Ones” in Chinese. Mount Sanqingshan National Park was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2008 for it is a shelter for animals and plants. 

The total area of Mount Sanqingshan National Park is 229 square kilometers. The highest peak is Yujing summit with a height of 1819.9 meters, which is fifth peak in Jiangxi province and also the source of Xin River. The physiognomy of the mountain has formed a unique landscape of granite peaks after 1.4 billion years of geological movement, vicissitudes

The ten scenic spots in Mount Sanqingshan National Park

Nanqing Scenic Spot 
Nanqing Scenic Spot is one of the most beautiful scenic sites with unique natural landscape the elevation of this area is 1557 meters. There is a broad range of scenic view, including th Xiangbo Bridge, Waishuangh Stream, the Ladder dolomite, Jade Terrace etc. 

The most impressive scenery in Nanqing Scenic Spot includes several iconic shaped peaks, such as The Python Coming out of the Mountain, Oriental Goddess etc. there are several excellent locations for watching the sunset and sun rise, such as LiuXia Terrace and Jade Terrace sunrise. When the May and June comes every year, blossoms can be seen here and there, which would be quite impressive.

Wanshou Scenic Spot 
Wanshou Scenic Spot is situated in the south part of Mount Sanqingshan. The scenery in this area has the implication of Chinese traditional auspiciousness and longevity and Taoist culture. It is said that view the charming scenery implicating auspiciousness and longevity can bring health and longevity to the visitors. 

Sunshine Coast Scenic Spot
Sunshine Coast Scenic Spot is situated in the east of Mount Sanqingshan. It is also called the East Coast Scenic Spot. There is a newly developed high-altitude plank road with a height of 1600 meters along the cliff. Walking on the plank road, you can enjoy exotic wonders of the sky and overlook the beautiful scenery. 

Yulingguan Scenic Spot
Yulingguan Scenic Spot is the eastern channel up to Mount Sanqingshan. There circled mountain roads between the peaks within this area. You can enjoy the wonderful trees and mountain peaks while walking in the shadowed roads. 
Tips: Yulingguan Scenic Spot is a newly developed area. You’d better go with a local guide while you are traveling in this area. 

Western Scenic Spot
Situated in the western part of Mount Sanqingshan, Western Scenic Spot is the most expansive site in the area. It has a average elevation of 1600 meters. Mount Sanqingshang had been inundated for three times and the West Coast was the coastline in that time. There is a longest and highest plank road along the cliff in Western Scenic spot, as well as astronomical wonders of the cloud sea, sunrise and Buddha light etc. 

Yujing Peak Scenic Spot
The highest peak in Mount Sanqingshan is situated in Yujing Peak Scenic Spot. It has the highest elevation and most central location with a height of 1819.9 meters. You can witness the magnificence of Yujing, Yushui and Yuhua peaks. 

Xihua Scenic Spot
Xihua Scenic Spot is situated in the north part of Mount Sanqingshan. There are picturesque mountains, river and rice terraces. The She ethnic minority group lives in this area and they maintain a very simple life. Xihua Stand is a climbing stone steps since Song dynasty. Moreover, Xihua Scenic Spot occupies a large area of virgin forest. It is refreshing to view vast green woodlands and ancient trees. 

Saqing Holy Lang Scenic Spot
Sanqing Holy Lang Scenic Spot is situated in the north of Mount Sanqingshan. The landmark building of Taoism in Mount anqingshang is in this area. This scenic area has a history of over1600 years. There are over 260 sites of ancient buildings and cultural relics including Toaist temple, hall, mansion, lane tomb, bridge etc. 

Shiguling Scenic Spot
Shiguling Scenic Spot is situated in the south part of Mount Sanqingshan. It features spectacular flowing springs and waterfalls. The largest waterfall Mount Sanqingshan, Yuling waterfall, is in Shiguling Scenic Spot. This waterfall is 34 meters high and 30 meters wide. 

Sandongkou Scenic Spot
Sandongkou Scenic Spot is situated in the west part of Mount Sanqingshan. In this scenic spot, you can experience another landscape moving from the high peaks to the valley. The visitors can watch Yujing peak from different angles, which can not be replaced by other scenic spot. 

The climate in Mount Sanqingshan 
Mount Sanqingshan is situated in subtropical climate zone and occupies the characteristic of alpine climate. The annual average temperature is between 10 ~ 12 ℃. In July, the average temperature is 21.8 ℃. The annual average rainfall is about 2000 mm. Tthe best time to travel is in autumn, because there is no annoying rain in this time. And the rare light of Buddha will sometimes appear. 

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