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Made in China: Kite''s legend

Kites originated in China. The first kite was created by the ancient philosopher Mocius. According to description in chinese ancient books, Mocius studied it for three years and finally made of a mechanical bird by wood. Though the wooden bird was broken after a only day's flight,  this "wood Harrier"  come into being the earliest kite of China and the world.

Thousands of years ago, kites even acted as scouts in ancient Chinese war. "The Records of the Grand Historian" said, in the period 507-444 BC, the famous carpenter Luban, produced an artifical magpie in bamboo. And this equipment flying in the air for three days without falling. " "This artifical magpie was used to observe enemy‘s (Song state ) position"

China traditional style kite

After the invention of kite, it was comprehensive used for measure and information transmission, or taking someone leap over somewhere dangrous in military needs.  During Tang and Song Dynasties, kites were made by paper with great evolution of papaer industry. And it spread rapidly for entertainment.

Kites has been widely popularized during Song Dynasty among the civil. As international exhcanges increases, China's  kites spread to the rest of the world. First, it appeared in Japan, North Korea and other neighboring countries. Then, kites travelled on the sea, reached Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand, and farther islands. On the other hand, "Silk Road" and Expedition of Mongolian brought kites to Arab countries and Europ on land. The famous Italian traveler Marco Polo also brought kites to the west after his 17 years offical career in Yuan Dynasty.

In now days,all kinds of kites spread arround the globe and come into being lovable toy of people, especially kids. It must be a shining point in the encyclopedical Chinese culture.

by Yoan