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Learn Chinese language with the Lowest Fees

With 2016 Autumn registration over, schools are ready for 2017 spring intake when most applicants are aiming on Chinese programs.

To help our students get quickest access to chinese schools which fits their situation most, CUECC has done lots of research and picked out 12 well-located schools with high qualities while at cheap price. Believe or not, some even offers scholarships to good applicants.

(fees: RMB/YEAR)

1.located in LinAn, Hangzhou city,Zhejiang Province

tuition fee 13000RMB/Year

scholarship: 6000

hostel: double room,360-540 Yuan/month;

        single room,680-780 Yuan/month

living expenses:low

2. located in Ningbo city,Zhejiang Province

tuition fee 12000(6000rmb-amount scholarship available for good students)

hostel 2400(double room)

living expenses:low

3. located in Jinhua(near Yiwu),Zhejiang Province

tuition fee 12000

hostel 3000(double room)

living expenses:low

4. located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

tuition fee 12000(if u go together with ur friend, will be offered some discounts)

hostel 2000 

living expenses:low

5. located in TaiZhou City, Jiangsu Province

tuition fee 3000

hostel 3000 (double room)

living expenses:low

6.located in Sanming city, Fujian Province

tuition fee 12000

hostel:double room,3750; single room,7500

living expenses:low

7.located in Shaoyang city, Hunan Province

tuition fee 11000

hostel:5000 (double room)

scholarship:3000-11000RMB for good students

living expenses:low

8.located in Shanghai

tuition fee 10000

hostel:double room,8000; single room,12000

living expenses:high

9.located in Shanghai(featured by TCM, Chinese medicine)

tuition fee 18000

hostel: many kinds of rooms available, thus price different

living expenses:high 

10.located in Beijing

tuition fee 19200

hostel: double room,136000; single room,29280


living expenses:high 

11.located in Guiyang, Guizhou Province

tuition fee 3500

hostel 800(same as CHinese students', 6 sharing room)


living expenses:low

12.located in SiPing, Jilin Province

tuition fee 1200

hostel:double room,40/day; single room,60/day(kitchen is facilitaed each room; allowed to live off campus after 1 term)

scholarship:if degree after chinese, then one term tuition fee be waived

living expenses:low

Early birds catch the worm! 


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