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Study in Liuzhou, center of Guangxi

University Profile

Formerly known as Guangxi Institute of Technology, Guangxi University of Science and Technology (GXUST) has been operating over 60 years, dating back to 1958. After the approval by the Ministry of Education in April 2013, Guangxi Institute of Technology merged with Guangxi Medical College and received University designation, becoming Guangxi province’s only University with an integrated teaching hospital. Now University has five affiliated hospitals (Four of them are top hospitals according to Rules of National Hospital Ranking Management)


The University is located in Liuzhou, a historical, cultural and premier tourism city with convenient transportation and beautiful environments. Liuzhou is also a sustainable eco-industrial city situated in the center of Guangxi. GXUST has three campuses, one at Dong Huan, one at Liu Shi and one at Liu Dong, covering an area of nearly 313 hectares (4700 acres). Spread over these 3 campuses, GXUST employs more than 1,400 full-time teachers, and enrolls more than 25,000 full-time undergraduates and graduate students.


The university has nine professional disciplines covering engineering, management, science, medicine, economics, literature, law, arts, and education, with an emphasis on engineering. 

In compliance with the Ministry of Education’s quality legislation, GXUST provides accreditation for a total of 24 master degrees and three new doctorate degrees in construction.


All the major enterprises in Liuzhou: Liugong, Liu Gang, Dongfeng, SAIC GM Wuling, Liangmianzhen, Huahong pharmaceutical, Liuzhou People’s Hospital, have a representative on the School Board of GXUST. This has helped the establishment of a national research center, as well as numerous innovation centers. This University enterprise cooperation has allowed students from GXUST to gain work experience as well as acting as a recruitment base for the various companies.


From admission to graduation, GXUST provides a comprehensive, attentive and efficient service to students as GXUST’s philosophy is student oriented.  Currently, the school has enrolled students from more than 50 countries across five continents in disciplines such as engineering, business, science, medicine, classics, literature, law, arts, and education.


Hanban has authorized GXUST as an examination center for the Online Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and Spoken Chinese proficiency test (HSKK). GXUST provides training from early, middle to senior levels of Chinese, as well as courses in calligraphy, martial arts, paper cutting and other Chinese traditional culture.


The university provides well-equipped teaching facilities, comfortable dormitories fully furnished with air conditioning, washing machines and other appliances, sports ground, gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness center and other facilities. The environs include hospitals, a Wanda commercial shopping center, banks, post offices and other nearby schools, as well as local amenities.


Liuzhou has a unique blend of diverse cultural customs. In order to foster cultural exchange the university regularly organizes events during term for students to participate in. These events include traditional folk songs, dance and festivals from ethnic groups ranging from the Zhuan, Yao and Miao etc.


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