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Introduction of movies about Chinese Martial Arts
By Stella on 2016-08-02

The Shaolin Temple:

In 1982, Shaolin fever swept the Chinese mainland due to Jet Li’s debut movie “the Shaolin Temple”. The movie is a revenge story---Jet Li plays a young boy adopted and trained by Shaolin monks. He tries to take revenge of his father’s death.

After “the Shaolin Temple”, Jet Li also performed in “kids of Shaolin” and “North and South Shaolin”



Shaolin Popey 2: Messy Temple:


Directed by Taiwan director Yin-Ping Chu, the film ‘Shaolin Popey” and its sequel were a great success in Taiwan. The movie tells a funny story of the Mianbi Master and his three disciples in the Messy Temple.




Shaolin Soccer:

Hongkong director-actor Stephen Chow shot :Shaolin Soccer” in 2001.

The film swept the 21st Hongking Film Awards by grasping the best film award. Chow also got the best director and the best actor awards.

Stephen Chow successfully combined Shaolin kung fu and soccer, overturning the audience’s fixed idea if Kung Fu in an amusing way.

The movie recounts a former Shaolin monk reuniting his five brothers to apply their martial arts skills to play soccer and bring Shaolin kung fu to the masses. 


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