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military training of university students
By Stella on 2016-09-23

September is more than a month, really; it is a season, an achievement in itself. 


Also it is the time for military-training for freshmen.


before                      after

It is the tradition of China’s universities. Those freshmen with excite and expectation after nearly three months summer vacation come to the university for a promising new life. The first thing for them is to have the military-training under the amorous September sunshine.



It is not only for the training of the students physical health, but a good way to cultivate their teamwork ability and strong minds. Our drillmasters are all come from professional institute than foster the future guard of our society. They may not be older than our students and the most important, most of them are single.





Tips for military training:


1. Equipment

Everyone is equipped with a uniform which is recycled and can keep us more clean and centralized.

Preparations for girls: sunscreen, fans, wet wipes, band aid, snacks......

The most important: a strong mind



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