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Yip Man Memorial Museum
By admin on 2015-03-04

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The grandmaster of Wing Chun Kungfu Yip Man enjoyed an international fame. Born in Foshan and settled down in Hong Kong since 1948, Yip Man master contributed his whole life to spread Wing Chun Kungfu. This Yip Man Memorial Museum in Foshan is built to show respect towards Yip Man master as well as spreading Wing Chun Kungfu culture.


The small memorial holds the grandmaster's desk and chair, wooden dummy, and photos of Wing Chung students from around the globe. In another building, tourists can watch kung fu and lion dance performances, or if they miss those, watch grainy black and white videos of the great-grandfathers (and grandmothers!) of today's action film stars shadow-fight with swords, sticks, and their iron palms.


? Grand Master Yip Man

Yip Man (1 October 1893 – 2 December 1972), also spelled as Ip Man, and also known as Yip Kai-Man, was a Chinese martial artist. He had several students who later became martial arts teachers in their own right, including Bruce Lee.


? Wing Chun Kungfu

Wing Chun, also romanised as Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun, is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specialising in close-range combat.

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