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Sanshui Lotus Theme Park
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Shanshui Lotus World Park is a lotus theme park where you can enjoy viewing and traveling. More than 600 well-known flower manufacturers at home and abroad and in excess of 2 billion yuan will be introduced into the park as the whole project completed, which will be another large-scale agricultural park integrating with flower production, marketing, research, information and tourism in Shunde besides the Flower World of Chencun. 


The park is involved in flower trading center, landscape garden, stone garden, bonsai garden, palm garden, ornamental fish breeding park and other sections. Thereinto, the International flower trading center covers a total area of over 600,000 square meters, including more than 300,000 square meters of the first phrase, with 3,000 stores there.


? What to See in Lotus Park

This attraction is a theme park that integrating sightseeing and entertaining together. The following parts in this site are recommended to travelers:
Pedestrian Street

The design of this pedestrian street is in a modern idea. Allied in a umbrella shape, this street is more like a yard rather than a street. When viewing afar, it is like a lotus leaf.


Guesthouse on the Ship (Shan Fang Chuan She)

The guesthouse is in a typical Lingnan style. This site is colored in a bright tone. the design mixes the natural color so that this architecture shows a graceful atmosphere.


Lotus Culture Exhibition

This exhibition is built according to the model of Sydney Opera House. It aims to show different postures of the lotus. In this exhibition, people can get touch with the traditional Chinese culture via pictures and articles.


Lotus Viewing Pavilion

From the name, we can know that this is a pavilion to appreciating lotus. With a 500-meter-long passage, visitor may enter into a lotus world.

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