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Jingyuetan National Forest Lake Park
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Jingyuetan National Forest Lake Park is located in the eastern Changchun. About 18km away from Changchun city, this forest park is a fairy land with fresh air named as "the precious resort in the modern city". It presents people different charms in different season. The total area of this forest is about 100 sq km and the area of the lake is about 430 hectare, ranking the first biggest one in Asia. There is fresh air, pleasant climate, and picturesque scenery. The scenes there are different all the year around. 

It is famous for its picturesque scenery, reputed as the sister of Sun-moon Lake of Taiwan Province. A vast sea of lush trees and chains of magnificent mountains form a rounded ecosystem with over 30 tree species. The whole scenic area consists of Jinyue Lake National Key Scenic Spot, Jinyue Lake National Park and Jinyue Lake Tourist and Vocation Area
There are 119 peaks. It stretches for 3 plantages from Changbaishan Mountain, Inner Mongolia to North China. The forest cover rate has exceeded 80%. At the same time, it has rich and various living resources. Fluctuant Mountains stretches into crisscross ranges which surround the moon-like lake. The largest artificial forest in Asia and the ecologic scenery with mountains, water and forest integrated form the scenic scroll of Jingyuetan which varies in seasons. 

Snow Paradise in Jingyuetan Forest Garden
The Snow Paradise, located in Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Garden which is the sacred place for snow tourism, will show its majestic face to visitors in 2002. In the center of the front part of Snow Paradise stands a alrge picture which shows sturdy steeds are galloping. The ice sculpture group given the theme of Song of Changchun shows the achievements of development obtained by Changchun in tens of years. 

Entering the Spring Gate, the visitors will face Century Stage. In Snow Paradise, the ice carved forest, ice carved octopus slide track, tropical rain forest, remote antiquity express the subject of rerturn to nature and return to original purity and simplicity; the cartoon world enjoys tourists much for its wonderful skating rink; in the world ice-snow area stands a group of world masterpieces concentrating the ideological level and cultural contents and the ice sail in advertisement area is a special scene. Besides, the folk custom area, drinking and food area and adventure park also bring visitors joys. The Snow Paradise has a complete of function and large holding capacity.

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