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Changchun Film City
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Changchun Film City, presenting film art and culture as its main theme, disclose the business, drama and glamour of making films to the public in the form of a theme park, similar in premise to Universal Film studios and Disneyland in the USA, but with distinct Chinese character. 

Established in 1992, it is a tourist site boasting many cultural and artistic characteristics, based on and integrated with China’s premier studio for film and TV production, Changchun film Studio. Film City is also a first-class visitor attraction with sightseeing, dining and entertaining.

Changchun Film Studio, the first comprehensive film studio in China, is one of the studios transitioned from the 1940s and is known as "the Cradle of the New Chinese Film Industry".  It is the largest studio in the country for the production of feature and comprehensive films of all kinds, including stories, science programs, opera, cartoons, TV serials and plays. It has been the production base for a great number of high quality Chinese films.  Changchun Film Studio traded until 2000, when it was put under the corporate umbrella of Changchun Film Group Corporation.

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