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Senado Square
By admin on 2015-03-03

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Senado Square (Largo do Senado) is located in the central area of Macau city. This square covers an area of 3,700 square meters, as one of the top four squares in Macau. It was listed in the World Heritage Sites. Now it is enclosed by the buildings of the Leal Senado, the General Post Office, and St. Dominic’s Church. The square is paved in the traditional Portuguese pavement.

The square is designed into a wave shape. And the roads around this site are changed as the pedestrian streets for people to have a walk here. Locals prefer to spend their leisure time here because of the peaceful atmosphere.

The fountain in the central is the representative of this square. Its famous fountain has been renovated several times, and currently a celestial globe as used by pioneering Portuguese seamen can be seen in the middle of the fountain, a captivating sight under lighting at night. Buildings around the square are renovated or rebuilt. During the festival period, this site becomes a venue to hold large-scale ceremonies or organization activities.

Senado square in Macau was built in 1918 to link Praia Grande with the inner harbor. With its passage through the old "Christian quarter" and "Chinatown" it became an attraction for the tourists. It was often used by the colonial rulers to showcase their strength and military power. Senado square in Macau was the city centre which was place where the succeeding the governors looked over military troops and the police force at the time of their inauguration.

Around the square
Senado Square also boasts a rich architectural tradition - St. Dominic's Church, the Holy House of Mercy, Leal Senado Building and Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple reflect the correlation of modernity and cultural exchange of East and West.

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