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Ruins of St. Paul's
By admin on 2015-03-03

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One of the most classic tourism sites in Macau, the ruins of St. Paul’s, somehow, can be considered the landmark of Macau. Firstly completed at the year 1580, the church of St. Paul its architecture combined Renaissance-style and oriental-style in harmonious way. Experienced the baptism of fire for three times, this well decorated and furnished church been destroyed and only the stone facade can tell people its brilliant glories in the old times.


The stone fa?ade been designed to five layers. The first layer or the top is a triangle Doorcase decoration; the second layer carved a Jesus stone figure; the 3rd layer showed the "Virgin Holy Days" scene; the 4th layer consecrated four saints; “MATER DEI” carved on the lintel of the main door of the 5th layer.

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