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Putuo Mountain
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Putuo Mountain, lies in Zhoushan Prefecture in Zhejiang Province, is regarded to be one of the four holy Buddhist mountains in China, covering an area of 12.5 square kilometers. The Fudingshan Mountain is the highest peak of this mountain with 300 meters high above the sea level. 

Here, you can see a few temples, nunneries as well as monasteries. The beautiful landscapes along with the charm concerned with Buddhism make this mountain a sacred mountain. 

Things to do and see:
The ancient architecture complex as well as historical spots remained in this mountain were built in several dynasties, including Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. This mountain once had 82 temples and 128 huts, which could serve 4,000 monk as well as nuns at its heyday. While you walk on the paths, you are likely to come across monks in kasaya. 

Among the large and small temples and monasteries on this mountain, Puji Temple and Fayu Temple may be the most well known. An Institute of Buddhism, one of the country's largest Buddhism institute, also can be found here. Buddhism in this sacred mountain has over 1,000 years history.

Since this mountain is secluded and offering an evocative view of the ocean; it has long been regarded as the "pure land" in China. The average temperature of the whole year here is about 20 °C, making it a perfect place to learn about traditional Chinese culture as well as Buddhism. 

Also, you can see the bizarre rocks as well as queer cliffs everywhere. Along the line where the mountain connects with the sea, a lot of spectacular caves are very fascinating.

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