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The Old Bund
By admin on 2015-03-04

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The Old Bund
 is located in the north of Three River Mouth of Zhejiang Ningbo. It has been one of the most prosperous ports since Tang and Song Dynasties. It was the earliest one of the "five trading ports", 20 years earlier than The Bund in Shanghai. It is also the China's domestic remaining bund which has one hundred years' history.

The Old Bund highlights Ningbo’s character and the city’s willingness to merge history with modern development. It shows tourists British and Dutch architecture. Today, it is a confluence of pubs, restaurants, bars along with trendy shops.

Things to see:
Ningbo City Exhibition Hall
Ningbo City Exhibition Hall features in colorful appearance and architectural style of modern fashion. It is a modern comprehensive exhibition hall gathering exhibition, tourism, business, leisure and entertainment. This exhibition hall displays the theme of the urban development history, brilliant achievements and grand blueprint.

Ningbo Art Museum
Ningbo Art Museum, together with library, grand theatre, are the landmark building of Sanjiang cultural corridor. It is a modern, multi-function and high quality museum gathering art collection, exhibition display, internal and external communication. Also, it is a building with port features, rich in contemporary breath with Chinese traditional culture of high grade public building. Also, it is a major lightspot of Ningbo cultural facilities.

Huaishu Road Cultural Leisure Street
The whole street is divided into east part and west part. The east is a commercial street. The west is a leisure green belts with green space, opusculum building and plaza; it is a place of typical urban recreation park, also it is Ningbo's largest urban leisure space and the most complete facilities of landscape zone along the river. Architectural style mainly embodies the late Qing Dynasty; the unique style was produced by Chinese and western cultural integration, which has highly ornamental value.

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