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Endowed with green mountains and clear waters, Fushun is also one of the modern cities with a population of over one million. It is an important industrial city in Northeast China with convenient transportation. Generally known as Coal City, Fushun is now also reputed as the City of Rocks.

Fushun City is cuddled by hills in the south, north and east. It is a part of Longgang Mount Range of Changbai Mountain Family and has an altitude of four hundred to five hundred meters. The northern part of Fushun is characterized by low and flat highlands while its western part features the plain of accumulations by Hunhe River. The plain is one hundred to three hundred meters high above the sea level. There are Hunhe River, Taizi River, Suzi River and Fu’erjiang River, etc.

Fushun City is the cradle of Qing dynasty. Hetuala City, the original location of the establishment of Qing Empire, is retained completely. Youngling Mausoleum, the mausoleum of the ancestor of Qing Empire, was designated as a world cultural relic on July 1st, 2004. Besides, there is an ancient battle field, called Sa’erhu, where General Nu’erhachi defeated the Fourth Route Army of Ming dynasty. Modern memorials in Fushun include Leifeng Memorial and Pingdingshan Martyrdom Compatriots Memorial, etc. In addition, Houshilin Forest Park and Yuanshuailin Forest Park are tourist attractions in Fushun.

District Number: 0413

Postcode: 113000

Nationalities: there are 27 nationalities including Han, Manchu, Hui, and Korean, etc.

Administration: it administers four districts, namely, Xinfu, Dongzhou, Wanghua, and Shuncheng, and three counties, namely, Fushun County, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County, and Qinyun Manchu Autonomous County.

Natural Resources
Fushun City is rich in mineral resources, including 52 minerals such as coal, iron copper zinc, gold, kerogen shale and marble. There are more than 410 mines now operating or soon to be operating.

Transportation and Communication
Fushun City has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 40 km from the Taoxian Airport in Shenyang, 200 km from Yingkou Harbor, and 400 km from Dalian Harbor, all accessible by expressys. The Shenyang-Jilin and Shenyang-Fushun railways are connected to the national railway network, making for convenient freight and passenger transport

Fushun is an open city with three development zones, which have begun attracting a great amount of foreign business investment. Fushun offers the advantages of production costs which are lower than the national level, its position as a raw materials production base, and a beneficial tax policy. Fushun has developed economic and trade relations with approximately 100 nations around the world, and has established friendly relationships with the cities of Iwaki and Yubari in Japan, Arad in Romania, Foster City in the U.S.A., Lipa in the Philippines, and Gladbach in Germany.
Industrial City
Fushun is an industrial city of tremaendous strength with a complete range of enterprises including petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, coal, machinery, electronics, electric power, light industries and textiles, and with raw and semi-finished materials industries as its mainstay. Fushun has three large petroleum plants, two steel mills, one aluminum works. three coal mines, eight chemical plants, one construction machinery plant and an electromagnetism plant. Its refining volume of crude oil accounts for 11 percent of China's entire total, its output of aluminum and conducted, 10 percent, digging machinery. 30 percent; and high-tension power station electro magnatism, 45 percent Fushun's coal, special steel, color TV sets and textiles also play an important role in China's economy.

Fushun has been an important commercial city since ancient times, and now it is flourishing as ever before. The city contains some l60 consumer goods markets, with total annual retail sales of 8.4 billion yuan.

Local finance is a1so f1ourishing, and many financial organization5such as banks and trust and security companies can be found throughout the city, forming a comprehensive financial system with solid financial strength.
Fushun is a famous tourist attraction in northeast China. Major scenic spots include: the Gaoershan Tower on the West Peak of Gaoershan Mountain in the northern part of the city, which was constructed in the Liao Dynasty.

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