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Panzhihua, Sichuan Province

Population: 1,079,800

Area: 7,440 square kilometers (2,873 square miles)

Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division: 3 districts (East District, West District, Renhe District); 2 counties (Miyi, Yanbian)

Location: Situated in the southwest Sichuan bordering Yunnan in the south, Panzhihua is at the convergent area of the Jinsha River and Yalong River, 749 kilometers (465 miles) from Chengdu and 351 kilometers (218 miles) from Kunming.

History: The Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC) first established counties and shires in this area. Its territory was initially formed by the ascription of five counties from Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. In 1965, Panzhihua was changed from a special zone into the Dukou City and gained its present name in 1987.

Physical Features: The terrain of Panzhihua slopes downwards from the northwest to the southeast. Belonging to the landforms of highland and ravine, it has an interveining distribution of mountains, valleys and basins. Belonging to the Yangtze River water system, the city has many rivers.

Climatic Features: Intermediate between the south subtropical and north temperate zones, climate of Panzhihua is complex and varied with longer summer. It has obscure four seasons and clear rainy and dry seasons. Generally, early June to October is the rainy season and November to May next year is the dry season. The hottest weather usually appears in May. And the temperature varies great between day and night.

When to Go: While most of cities in North China are in freezing winter, Panzhihua is a sunny city. More than ninety-four percent of the winter days are sunny. Average temperature of a month is 7-13C (45-55F) that is higher than its nearby cities, such as Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming. It is definitely a winter resort.

Local Highlights: Panzhihua International Yangtze River Rafting Festival at Jinshajiang River Rafting Base (Nov.-Dec.)

Special Local Products: Juque Inkstone, tuckahoe

Scenic Spots:
Longtan Scenic Spot of Water-Eroded Cave: 26 kilometers (16 miles) from the Miyi county town, the picturesque scenic area is made up of the Longtan Water-Eroded Cave, the Longyin Canyon, natural bonsai (miniascape) garden, wild plants arboretum and the Longzhou Mountain.
Ertan Scenic Area: Consisting of Ertan National Forest Park and Ertan Hydropower Station, the scenic area boasts verdant mountains and forest, as well as the largest hyperbolic arch dam in Asia, and several islets in the reservoir.

Universities in Panzhihua
Panzhihua University

Cities Of Sichuan
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