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Cities Of Sichuan
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Zigong, Sichuan Province

Population: 3,172,800

Area: 4,373 square kilometers (1,688 square miles)

Nationalities: Han

Administrative Division: 4 districts (Ziliujing, Da'an, Gongjing, Yantan); 2 counties (Rongxian, Fushun)

Location: Zigong City is located in the south part of Sichuan Province riverside of the Fuxi River, neighboring Leshan City in the east and Yinbin City in the south.

History: The history of Zigong is tightly connected with salt industry and the city is well-known for its 1,900 years of salt manufacturing history. Zigong people began to drill wells to obtain well salt in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). It has made a name for itself as a salt capital since the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316). In 1835, it had the first salt well in the world which exceeded one thousand meters deep at which time the salt manufacturing of Zigong reached its peak.

Physical Features: Low mountains, hills, channels and vales comprise the main features of the city's terrain. The land slopes downward from the northwest to the southeast.

Climatic Features: The city belongs to the subtropical zone enjoying a humid monsoon climate. Generally speaking, the weather of Zigong is temperate with enough rainfall but without sufficient sunshine. The spring usually comes early, and high temperature and most of the rainfall concentrate on the summer. The autumn is relatively shorter in the four seasons. But the winter is not very cold and rarely rainy.

When to Go: Spring is the best time to visit Zigong for local festivals.

Local Highlights: Zigong Lantern Festival (early February to early March, around Spring Festival); Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Show (between January and March, usually lasting one month)

Special Local Products:
Handicrafts: paper cuttings, tie-dyeing, Gong Fans (fans knitting with sawali)
Foods: beef, fragrant chili sauce

Scenic Spots:
Zigong Dinosaur Museum: It is one of the three biggest dinosaur museums in the world built on the site of a group of dinosaur fossils. The museum stores nearly all species of dinosaurs living in Jurassic.
Giant Buddha: Located in the Rongxian County, the Giant Buddha is 36.67 meters (124 feet) high. It is a well-know stone Buddha in Sichuan Province only second to the Leshan Giant Buddha.
Other Scenic Spots: Zigong Salt History Museum and China Color Lantern Museum, together with the Dinosaur Museum, are the most characteristic museums in Zigong. In addition, Shuangxi Landscape and Feilongxia Scenic Area are excellent attractions for appreciating the natural beauty of Zigong.

Universities in Zigong
Sichuan University of Science & Engineering

Cities Of Sichuan
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