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China to support Mideast Peace Process Despite Situations Change

 Chinese Middle East envoy Wu Sike said here on Wednesday that China will keep its commitment to Middle East peace process, no matter what changes take place in this region.

In an interview with Xinhua, Wu said the major goal of his Middle East trip was to discuss with leaders in this region the impacts of the current developments on the peace process.

Wu said that the spreading unrest and regime changes have attracted most of attention of the international community from the stagnate peace process. However, peace process should not be neglected under the current situations as it was a core issue for the comprehensive peace and stability in this region.

"The ultimate resolution for the Palestinian issue is to establish a Palestinian state which coexists peacefully with Israel. But it is an all-round effort," said Wu, "The Golan Heights, the land conflicts in south Lebanon, etc., should all be resolved in a peaceful way."

Wu said that during his meetings with Arab leaders, he found a common sense that promoting Mideast peace process is good for regional stability and solving their respective domestic issues.

"I've got some encouraging information from those leaders I met this time," said Wu.

Wu has visited Israel, the Palestinian territories and Syria before he came to Lebanon. He will visit Qatar later on Wednesday as his last stop of the trip.

Talking about China's role in the peace process, Wu said China has long-time good relations with both Arab countries and the Jewish state, which allows it to keep contacts with all parties concerned. In the meantime, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has an active role in multilateral and bilateral frameworks and keeps its commitment in promoting peace in the region.

Wu added that China established the Mideast envoy mechanism in 2002, its first ever in foreign affairs, as a dedicated effort in promoting peace process since then.

"No matter what changes take place in this region, we are always committed to solving Middle East issues via talks, and reaching permanent, comprehensive peace. That's what we are dreaming of, and it coincides with the hopes of countries in the region," said Wu.

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