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Physical Exam Peak for Students Study Abroad Come ahead

    Yesterday, Students apply for medical test for studying abroad are waiting in line in the Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center.

Peak ahead of the arrival of this year studying medical. The end of June early July in previous years, medical peak in May this year, have emerged.

      According to statistics, in May of this year, the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center to study the number of medical examinations for 2028 increased by about 50%, year on year over the same period last year. These two days, the number of medical study peak yesterday morning, in particular, an increase of 50 pre-screening, 7:45 payment is completed.

Less than 8:00, finished No. 210

    6:30 yesterday morning, Kim Bang Road, on the 15th Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center, the health lobby gallery has lined up a thirty-four 100 meters of winding the long queue. Because of the rain, the health center also opened a canteen for queuing by rain.

    23-year-old woman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences nerves xia ruobing going to read master's and doctorate at 6:30 in the morning, she came to get pre-screening over 100. Her to more than 8:00 in the morning the day before yesterday, the day of the 160 pre-screening numbers have been all After receiving, when she learned that more than 4:00 in the morning, people come to line up.

    18-year-old Xu Yitao 5:00 yesterday morning drive from Suzhou came 6:10 after arrival to get No. 29. From undergraduate. The reason to do a medical examination, because the "search from Baidu above, Suzhou local medical information not found in the school part of the students to Shanghai examination."

    Yesterday, because many people, the health center will be a physical examination of the immigration service line all free up to 50 serial number issued more. Yesterday 7 point 45, the day 210 serial Full payment is completed.

Peak in advance from abroad increase in the number of

    The peak of this year studying medical advance to May, while in previous years before the end of June, early July. In May of this year, a total of 2028 people to carry out medical examinations and immunizations, in May last year, 1333 people, an increase of approximately 50%, in May the previous year, only 952 people. This data in 2009 is 311. For this reason, began last week, health centers, starting on Saturday overtime, and even the deployment of three to four people reinforcements to study the physical examination at, but also overwhelmed by the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to prepare the deployment of personnel support.

    Medical peak ahead of the arrival of the reason is that overseas the number is increasing every year. Shanghai International Travel Healthcare Center, deputy director of Zou Yuwen introduced According to statistics, outbound travel is expected to last year, an increase of 25%, but the current number from the medical point of view, this figure may be broken, but there is also a trend of younger age. To examination are mostly university graduates, but in recent years, the increasingly early age, and every day to see the high school and even junior high school students come to physical examination, "said Zou Yuwen.

    It is understood that 95% of medical students in the center from Shanghai, and another 5% the same as Xu Yitao from Jiangsu and Zhejiang region. Local poor information, or education agents recommended, they are also the influx of Shanghai to become one of the members of the medical army. It is worth mentioning that, every morning, first to the top ten line up for parents and some parents get the number, the child not to climb out from the blanket arrived on the scene. "Zou Yuwen said with emotion," since it has been decided to allow the children to fly abroad, every stop acting on their behalf, and quickly let the children as early as possible to exercise independence. "

Tips for studying physical examination:

    A medical certificate is valid for a year, medical students may be wrong, after the beginning of each year to get school admission notice, you can as early as possible, avoid peak time queues.

    Recently, such as people, health care centers will be based on actual conditions in the Saturday overtime. Wednesday began to issue a Saturday appointment serial number, we get the appointment serial number, do not miss it.

    3, before the examination, login website, look at the material to be carried.

The past three years, health centers and exit students

    Students physical examination (person)

             May   June   July      August    September

2009       311    763    1216    1106         545
2010       952    2336   2328    1691         772
2011       1333   2935   2825    2009         605
2012       2028  Till June 19 already 2217 Students