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Notice on reforming the measures for international student academic certificate management

In order to adapt to the development of international students education, to ensure education quality and to maintain China academic system and academic certificate’s seriousness, we decided to reform measures for international student academic certificate management according to relevant regulations published by Ministry of Education, the amended decision will be taking into effect from 2001 on. Below is the matter concerned The international student’s specialist or undergraduate diploma are printed and issued by the school.

The diploma should contains the following content a Student’s name, gender, date of birth and nationality b Period of schooling c Major studied d Academic level e Duration f Graduate’s full-faced photo and on which the school seal must be stamped g Full name of the school and president’s signature h Date of issue Certificate No.   

A. The certificate No. should be 17 Arabic numbers The certificate No should be ordered in this way, the first 5 numbers are national stand code of the school or other education institution, the sixth are schooling pattern code; the 7th to the 10th are a particular; and the 13th to 17th are the serial number that the school made for the certificate.

B. Diploma level code 01 for doctorate student, 02 for master student, 05 for bachelor student and 06 for college students.

C. The sample of graduation certificate made by the school must be reported to Ministry of Education for reference.

D. The school that cannot make graduation certificate themselves should continue using international student graduation certificate made by Ministry of Education.

E. Master degree students and doctor degree student’s graduation certificate continues using the certificate made by Ministry of Education.

F. We apoint China Scholarship Council Secretariat to take in charge of international student diplomas’ issuing and record.

G. The school that applies for international student diploma made by Ministry of China, please complete “International Student Graduation Form” carefully and hand it in for foreign affair department taking in charge of international student work to verity. The school must give the above mentioned form which has been verified to CSC so as to apply for international graduation certificate in 30 day at the latest before international student’s graduation.

H. The school should use soft disk to declare and apply to CSC according to the stated database structure and information standard in 60 days after the issuing of the graduation certificate (including the self-made one); the certificate should be handed in for Ministry of Education to verify and record after being collected by CSC. From 2001 on, China will not admit the certificate having not been registered, verified and recorded.

I. The self-support student will be charge RMB 20(containing cost of certificate and cover’s production and postal charge) for the production cost of graduation certificate; it is paid by school’s income from the tuition and it cannot be paid again by student. China government scholarship funded student is still issued graduation certificate for free.

The international department of Ministry of Education.