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Top 8 Vietnamese Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Beijing

Many people are interested in Vietnamese food. If you are in Beijing, and want to try Vietnamese food, you can choose one of following restaurants.

1 Qingyun Lou
It is a typical place for eating “sentiment”, and the food there also can satisfy your stomach. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, beauties or even stars there. The decoration there will make you like in the heaven in the earth.

2 Muse
Here you can have a special food called “Parisian Vietnamese snack” which is a combination of the French romantic and Vietnamese spicy. Also, there are many other dishes created by themselves which you could not find elsewhere.

3 La Mission
The initiator of this restaurant, La Mission, created the specialty of the restaurant by combining the feature of local dishes and the western cook method. The restaurant is hided in a courtyard which makes it rather quiet.

4 Ma Cherie
This restaurant is a villa “moved” from the Vietnamese jungle. It is of high quality, luxury and full of exotic things. Here you will taste the idiomatic Vietnamese food and all the things there deserve the price.

5 Taihe Palace
It’s a merger of Vietnamese “Yilu” and Thai “Taixiangla”. The most distinguishing character of this restaurant is its “Kang” which is suitable for a group of people sitting together. It is a good place for you and your friends to unit.

6 Taihe Courtyard
As the only courtyard-styled Southeast Asia restaurant in Beijing, the decoration color is heavy and sight-catching, both the tableware and the background music are of typical Southeast Asia style.

7 Sheng Tide Restaurant
Here, you can find beautiful environment and beautiful tableware as well as beautiful waitress dressed in Southeast Asia style. Its dishes are very popular and many foreigners like to go there and enjoy the delicious food.

8 Jintao Harbor 
This is a restaurant matching to the apartment which is quiet and has a garden attached. It is of typical “Asia food”. You can choose Thai dishes, Vietnamese dishes and Chinese dishes as well.