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Top 10 Beautiful Air Hostesses.

El Al Airlines from Israeli was named as having the most beautiful air hostesses in the world, according to this year's "World's 10 Most Beautiful Air Hostess Airline Company" list published by the World Air Stewardess Association earlier this month.
Shenzhen Airlines and Sichuan Airlines from the Chinese mainland received the third and 10th places respectively, and China Airlines from Taiwan seized the sixth spot.
In this year's rankings, Asian airline companies became the biggest winner with eight airlines included in the top 10. No airline from North America received a place.
10.Sichuan Airlines, China

9.SriLankan Airlines, Sri Lanka

8.Air France/KLM, France
7.Air India, India
6.China Airlines, Taiwan, China

5.Asiana Airlines, South Korea
4.Qatar Airways, Qatar
3.Shenzhen Airlines, China
2.Aerolineas Argentinas, Argentina
1.El Al Airlines, Israeli