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Chinese Treasure Displayed at Shanghai EXPO

There are four treasures of the Chu Minority Culture displayed at the Shanghai Expo, such as the Zeng Hou Yi (military leader and artist in ancient China) drum base, an acupuncture point bronze figure, bronze drums with taotie design (taotie is a mysterious griffin in Chinese mythology), and works of sun god stonecutting. In the Eastern Zhou period (770-256BC), southern China had a highly developed regional culture of unique Chu-style culture, whose splendid cultural achievements have attracted worldwide attention.

The Zeng Hou Yi drum base and acupuncture point bronze figure are exhibited in the China Pavilion exhibition, while the other two artifacts are shown in the "Urban Footprint Hall."
The Zeng Hou Yi drum base is a bronze sculpture,of a big, crazy wad of dragons—eight pairs of large ones, tangled endlessly in a clump of smaller ones. The bodies of these dragons are twisted with inlaid turquoise. The sculpting techniques used to produce it cannot be recovered today, and thus the sculpture has no copy.

The acupuncture point bronze figure has never been exhibited. Produced in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it explains the hundreds of key pressure points and meridians of the human body.

In addition, the exhibit sun god stonecutting is the earliest Neolithic worship of the sun image that has ever been found in our country. It is seven thousand years old.

The fabulous taotie design Bronze drum is the only one of the two bronze drums made during the Shang Dynasty (c. 16th century – 11th century BC). Another one is now in Japan.

Besides these four, from May 1 to November 20, exhibition performances of Zeng Hou Yi Bells will be held in the "Urban Footprint Hall." There is a rolling performance that lasts 5 minutes every hour from 9am to 10pm, when the World Expo theme song "Cities Make Life Better" and over 20 ancient melodies such as "Bamboo Pole Poetry" will be played incessantly.

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