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    Wellcome to, here you can find many chinese schools' informations!
Education News
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Teaching "respectable" but "arduous" job in China
China Anecdote: 13 years old graduate student in Beiji
Overseas students focus on China as their destination
China drafts 12-year guideline for education reform
Chinese lawmaker engage to youngster education
American Schools embrace Mandarin
China Education:Macao students, teachers join summer c
China Education: 8.64 bln yuan to offer free textbooks
Chinese Culture: Confucius classroom spread worldwide
Education Law of the People's Republic of China
Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions
Chapter VII Input to Higher Education and Guarantee of
Chapter VI Students of Higher Education Institutions
Chapter V Teachers and Other Educational Workers of Hi
Chapter IV Organization and Activities of Higher Educa
Chapter III Establishment of Higher Education Institut
Chapter II Basic Systems of Higher Education
Chapter I General Provisions
Higher Education Law of the People’s Republic of China
Planning and Statistics
China opens door and welcome more US students
1985-2002 Basic Statistics on Education
1978-2002 Number of Schools by Level and Type
1978-2002 Number of Teachers and Staff by Level and Ty
1978-2002 Number of Teachers by Level and Type of Scho
1978-2002 Number of Students Enrollment by Level and T
China to launch nationwide "book-reading campaign" in
School for migrant children has foreign teachers
Report of Education Statistics Volumn 1 No. 26 Departm
Education Level
[Audio]Chinese conversation:Let me introduce (sb.) to
[Audio]Chinese conversation:Compellation exchange <2>
[Audio]Chinese conversation:Compellation exchange
[Audio]Chinese conversation: What''s your name?
[Audio]Chinese conversation: 3rd person & month
[Audio]Chinese conversation: Brief chat <1>
[Audio]Tips for learning basic Chinese — keep talking
[Audio]Chinese conversation : use of 2nd person & 3rd
[Audio]Chinese conversation : Daily greeting <4>
Famous Schools
[1] City University of Hong Kong
[2] Harbin Institute of Technology
[3] Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST)
[4] South China Normal University
[5] Northwest University
[6] Xiamen University
[7] Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE)
[8] Sichuan Agricultural University
[9] Dalian university of Technology
[10] Liaoning University
[11] Central University for Nationalities
[12] Anhui University
[13] Henan Polytechnic University
[14] Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
[15] Zhengzhou University
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