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2013 MBBS Spring Intake Admission Open in China Universities

2012 September intake for degree program ,admission  closed in almost all universities in china. If you loose the chance of this intake, then pls catch the coming spring intake.

  1. Fujian Medical University

   Founded in 1937, Fujian Medical University (FMU) follows the motto of Diligence, Rigor, Pragmatism and Innovation. Through 72 years’ development, it has become a provincial educational institution combining with teaching, scientific research, medical treatment, medical prevention and social services. It has been producing bachelors, masters and PhDs. FMU is sanctioned, by the Ministry of Education, to recruit the students from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


1)   Application Fee: 800.00

2) TTuition, accommodation and other fees: paid in each academic year

2. Zhengzhou University

  A national “211 project” key university co-built by the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education On July 10th, 2000, the new Zhengzhou University was founded through the merger of three universities: Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan Medical University. It is a comprehensive university with 11 disciplines: science, technology, art, medicine, literature, history, philosophy, law, economics, management, agriculture and education, and the only one of the national “211 project” universities in Henan Province under the administration of both the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education, P.R.C.
    Zhengzhou University has an abundance of resources. The University now has four main campuses, namely, New Campus, South Campus, Technological Institute and Medical School, occupying an area of 1070 acres (6493 mu), of which the New Campus (located in New High-tech Zone) comprises 799 acres (4845 mu). Construction of the New Campus has a construction budget of 1.97 billion RMB and a total construction area of 1.651 million square meters.

Jiangsu University

Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu University. Through this “window”, you can have a detailed knowledge of the 100 years’ history of Jiangsu University, have a taste of the university’s colorful campus culture, distinctive academic programs and talents cultivation, and find the academic fields and research projects for which two even multi-parties can cooperate and make win-win development.     Jiangsu University is a comprehensive university in Jiangsu Province, which is a province strong in economy, science, technology and culture in China. Equipped with all kinds of academic disciplines, academically renowned scholars, innovative research teams, abundant advanced teaching and experimental equipment, and high-quality teaching resources, Jiangsu University offers important support of talents, science and technology to the economic and social development of Jiangsu province, even the whole country.      
  The economic globalization has not only accelerated the international flow of capital, resources, knowledge and talents, but made it impossible for any one country to meet the challenges of the 21st century, so universities have to enhance their international exchange and cooperation for the economic globalization. Under this background, the 100-year-old Jiangsu University sincerely hopes to make various exchange and cooperation with universities, research institutes and other social sectors home and abroad, and by sharing and utilizing international education, talents and sci-tech resources, take part in the social change and lead the trend of the day.  

  Therefore, from Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, I propose that we work together and cooperate sincerely to contribute our wisdom and power to the development of human society.