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Fuzhou impression: three alleys and seven lanes


The three alleys are Yijin Alley, Wenru Alley and Guanglu Alley, and the seven lanes are Yangqiao Lane, Langguan Lane, Ta Lane, Huang Lane, Anmin Lane, Gong Lane anad Jibi Lane. The South Backstreet Memorial Arch marks the axis of Fuzhou. [Photo:]Centrally located in the city of Fuzhou, the Three Alleys and Seven Lanes is a well-known historical and cultural block. Construct...

Creative Chinese Style breakfast


As the old saying goes that breakfirst is the start of whole day, thus to make yourself a wonderful breakfirst is of huge significance.However, for those on-job group, it's not very possible to prepare themselves delicacy as the usual way which generally takes about one hour at least.Thus to satify the nutritional need and save time at the same time, creative people creat some amazing 'fast-food...

Qiang people hold ceremony of mountain offer in Sichuan


Ceremony of Mountain Offer, also known as the Ceremony of Mountain Turning, is the most solemn holiday of Qiang nation. It’s a farming activity, but has a strong religious flavor and reflects the glorious culture of ancient mystery. The ceremony is held annually on June 6 of the lunar calendar. By this way Qiang people not only express their admiration for the heaven but also hope that the hol...

8 free smartphone apps to solve common college issues


These days, it seems as if there is a mobile app for nearly everything. Pulling an all-nighter and want some greasy food delivered to the library late at night? There’s an app for that. Need help finding a date for a formal? There’s an app for that too. Apple announced earlier this summer its App Store contains more than 1.2 million different apps, and Android’s Google Play goes even further...

Students in Shanghai University to have a travel


Superior geographical location and convenient transportation in Wuxi can give you an exciting time here and make your life at JU filled with pleasure of exploring China. Although you have several choices of transportation, the best mode preferred by most people is high-speed rail service with a maximum speed of 300 km/h linking Wuxi with Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, etc. The...

the campus life in Fudan University


Fudan University strongly values expanding opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. The school promotes building a campus culture with a rich history and distinctive Fudan characteristics, which reflects the features of our times, as required in order to become a world-class university with first-class talent development. This plays the culture’s educational function of ex...

5 ways to get rid of stress in university


College has a lot to offer, but it can feel overwhelming when everything starts to add up. Difficult classes, various clubs and organizations, friends, significant others, resume building, and internships all sounded wonderful at the beginning of the semester…and then you realized that you don’t have time for it all. College is too short to spend your time feeling stressed.Here are some helpful...

how student activity fees are spent?


Do you really know where and how student activity fees are spent?By: Joe Vito Moubry Regardless of which college or university you attend, you are more than likely paying a student activity fee. But do you know how it’s spent? When Rachel Munson was asked if she thought if students knew how their student activity fee is spent, she stated, “I don’t think that a lot of students know where their...

Doing Internship in China or Abroad


When international students considering to China to continue further education with their medical studies, some of them will wonder that where they can do the internship after theoretical study. Generally, all the accredited medical universities which offer English medium MBBS program allow students to do the internship both in China and their home country according the regulation of MOE (China ...

The camp life of Huazhong University of science ans technology


HUST is a residential university with over 60,000 students living on campus. Students have access not only to extraordinary campus resources but also to “OpticalValley” recreation and outdoor attractions. Living and learning are intimately intertwined at HUST. HUST provides you clubs & associations, health & recreation, banks & post office, culture festival, science festival, inter...

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