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Notice on Commencement of Postgraduate Courses “Chinese Language” and “Survey of China”


Notice on Commencement of Postgraduate Courses “Chinese Language” and “Survey of China” for Spring/Summer Semester of 2013-2014 Academic Year Postgraduate students who have not attained the credits of these two courses can sign up for the courses via ZJU Graduate Education and Management Information System( time. Notes: Online course selection (at ZJ...

4, 000 Candidates Sit NEEP in SHNU


The 2014 NEEP ( National Entrance Examination for Postgraduates ) was held on January 4th and 5th, and SHNU received about 4 thousand candidates in just two days. SHNU initiated video monitoring, candidate identification system, cheating prevention, online office and field inspection. NEEP is China's equivalent to Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) in the US.

SHNU Alumnus Wins China’s Government Prize for Publications


SHNU alumnus and field archeologist Qian Handong was awarded Excellent Editing Prize of China Government for Publications. This becomes his another national prize after he topped among the 10 China Outstanding Protectors of Cultural Relics last year. Qian also has become the first and only editor of Shanghai news and publication industry. Ding Fazhang, general editor of former Xinmin Eve...

SHNU Science Shop Opens


The Opening Ceremony of SHNU Science Shop was held in SHNU on December 27th, attended by SHNU Vice President Liu Xiaomin, Dean of Shanghai Promotion Center of Science Popularization Yu Zengrong, among others. Initiated in Europe, science shop is a community-based organization aiming at addressing the questions concerning science for local citizens and non-government organizations. It establishe...

The 2014 New Year’s Concert of SHNU Held


The 2014 New Year Concert of SHNU was held on Xuhui Campus on Dec. 25th. Representatives of university authorities, professors, as well as teachers and students were present. SHNU President Zhang Minxuan delivered the New Year’s Speech, reviewing the success of this year and expressing best wishes to SHNU’s 60th Founding Anniversary next year. Eleven excellent programs were performed in ...

Love Without Borders


As a group of three internationals and the help of our two Chinese teachers we set off on a voluntary activity which in the end enlightened us on the day to day lives of selfless older Chinese citizens who have dedicated their lives to show compassion and love to the community in which they grew up in. Waking up very early in the morning leaving the comforts of their home, the women at the Ho...

Dalian University of Technology held the 1st International Cultural Festival


With the clear sky and the refreshing air, autumn is a golden season full of blossom and beauty. October 19, 2013 saw the enthusiastic figures and the laughing cheers of young people with different colors by the Ling River. The "International Cultural Festival" decorated the campus into a splendid global village, creating an immersive exotic atmosphere. With a tour map in hand and travelin...

The Annual Christmas Party Held for International Teachers and Students


SHNU international teachers and students enjoyed their annual Christmas party at Tao Li Ju Restaurant on Dec. 18. As usual, the party was held in warm and friendly atmosphere. This time the Christmas party traditionally gathered all the foreign teachers and students of SHNU to give them the feeling that despite the fact that they are far from their homeland, they still can meet Christmas ...

The 2nd Chinese Drama Competition Held


On December 12, 2013, the 2nd Chinese Drama Competition was held in Friendship Villa. The competition started with the speech delivered by Prof. Richard Chen, Dean of International Education College. International students from different classes took part in the competition and showed their skills in language, teamwork and creativity. The program concluded with the speech by Prof. Devinder...

Urban Water and Ink Painting Show Opens


The 2013 SHNU Urban Water and Ink Painting Show was held at Zhu Qizhan Arts Muserm on December 4th. This exhibition attracted professional painters from China Academy of Arts, Shanghai University, East China Normal University, and Jiangsu Painting Academy. The works on show give expression to modern lifestyles by means of traditional water and ink elements. Before the show starts, an aca...

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