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Exotic Opening Ceremonies of University Games in China


On the morning of May 13, Shaanxi’s 36th university games opened in Xi'an Physical Education University. 73 teams from universities and colleges in Shaanxi province competed together. To our surprise, several bikini-clad female students appeared boldly at the beginning of the opening ceremony. However, such dressing style was not the origin of all kinds of games in China. ...

Nanjing Medical University


NMU is comprised of two campuses: the Wutai campus and the Jiangning campus. The former, about 80,000 square meters in size and only a five-minute walk away from the downtown center of Xinjiekou, is the center of research and graduate education. The latter, about 980,000 square meters in size and located in Jiangning University Town is the center of undergraduate education. The subway and buses ...

True Colors of Early Spring of GDUFS


In March, the awakening from the period of winter hibernation has already passed, but the warming of the weather is delayed. Moreover, the arrival of a new cold spell, everything is blurred by the steady drizzle and the mists which seems to depress the people. As a result, have the original colors of spring faded from your mind? If so, then let us follow some journalists to fin...

Student Accuses Principle of Being Part Of Dongguan Arrests to Delay Start of School


One student in Yibin, Sichuan went a little bit too far. The student photoshopped an image captured during the recent raids on prostitution in Dongguan with his headmasters image and name. He hoped that the principle’s implication in the raids would delay the opening ceremony of his high school. What started as a semi-joke got out of hand when it spread around the internet. Even when the studen...

Student sentenced to death for poisoning roommate


Lin Senhao, 28, was a postgraduate student at Fudan University's School of Medicine. He was charged with intentional homicide for the killing of his roommate Huang Yang. According to prosecutors, Huang died as a result of drinking water from a dispenser that had been poisoned with N-Nitrosodimethylamine. Lin stole the highly toxic chemical from a lab at Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, where he wor...

Foreign students celebrate New Year in China


Greg McCarthy from the United States, a second-year international politics master with Beijing Language and Culture University, has just returned to the capital from the annual ice and snow festival in Harbin. He said in Chinese that the ice lanterns there were amazing. "I really admire the people who spent a long time in the freezing cold to make such exquisite works of art." With its outdoor...

2014 SHNU Winter Holiday Arrangement


To SHNU Colleges and Departments: The winter break starts from January 20th and lasts till February 14th, 2014. New term registration kicks off on February 16th. All SHNU teachers and full-time researchers shall take time off from work according to college arrangement. Holidays for the administrative staffs begin from January 22nd to February 13th. A carpet security check of teaching building...

SHNU Model Teachers Gather to Welcome the Spring Festival


On January 16, 15 SHNU model teachers of the state or municipal levels took part in the discussion meeting held by the university to welcome the upcoming Spring festival. The model teachers talked about their teaching and research experience and said they would continue to contribute to the university’s future development. SHNU Vice President Ke Qinfei said that the university fully acknow...

Notice on Chinese Courses in 2014 Winter Vacation


Notice on Chinese Courses in 2014 Winter Vacation In order to enrich activities during winter vacation and improve students’ Chinese language skills, College of International Education will offer special Chinese courses such as Introduction to Chinese Culture, Chinese Culture Experiencing (paper-cutting, calligraphy), Communication Chinese, Movie Appreciation, Chinese Songs, etc. ...

Notice on New Students Registration of SAU


Dear new students, March intake of 2014 will start on March 17, 2014. New students are welcomed to register from March 10 to 14, 2014 in Students Administration Office. Original qualification documents are required for verification when you arrive at our university. Accommodation will depend on availability. College of International EducationShenyang Aerospace University

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