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Jiuzhai Valley -- A Best Place To Spend Summer Holiday

Fantastic Jiuzhai Valley

Likes the angel of summer,

Bringing the crystal clear green

And amazing visitors.

0714-1-1 1.jpg

Light green, dark green, jade green... all the colors of green mingle into Jiuzhai Valley, providing shade every summer. 

0714-1-1 2.jpg

Jiuzhai Valley shows the vitality of nature as well as its charming scenery.

0714-1-1 3.jpg

How I wish to  immerse  myself in the dream of endless green, unwilling to wake up through the whole summer...

0714-1-1 4.jpg

Some invisible fingers, like an idle breeze, are playing upon my heart the music of the ripples. Only in Jiuzhaigou can I enjoy the blue sky, white clouds, beautiful sunshine and fresh air, it is summer in Jiuzhaigou.

0714-1-1 16.jpg

0714-1-1 5.jpg

0714-1-1 10.jpg



For those who are already in south China, going to spend your summer that cool place will be quite an awesome choice. So anyone interested, plz contact Sophia via email