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Seminar: ‘How to get an internship at United Nations’

Wuhan University of Technology is conducting a Seminar titled ‘How to get an internship at United Nations’. Dr. Hans Seesaghur an expert is visiting our campus on 27th of December to help you win an internship at the United Nations. We will also be building a data base according to your area of interest to match you with an appropriate Multi National Company according to your respective field of study. All the international students are invited to get benefited.

1.     Learn how to get an internship at main offices of United Nations.

2.     Sept by step details on how to secure internship with the UN.

3.     A guide to make a correct decision on choosing a right office for your internship.

4.     Meet with an expert and get benefited from his experience at the UN.

5.     Understand the Importance of LinkedIn profile

6.     Get yourself listed in our data base.

7.     Standard Resume formatting



About the Guest Speaker:

A dynamic personality Dr. Hans Nibshan Seesaghur, has spent a large porting of a year at the United Nations Office, Geneva at the Department of Political Affairs. He has also practiced for 6 month at the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Dr. Seesaghur presented several academic papers at Lomonosov State University, Moscow. Participated in ‘2ndGlobal China Dialogue on China’s Governance’ at the British Academy, United Kingdom, to name a few.

With exceptional academic credentials, he was very active in academic institutions as well. He formed many student associations at the University level, mentored many international festivals and served as the secretary general. He is the first one to travel in all the provenances of China among his ethnic group and soon publishing a book based on his experience in China.


Event Scheduled:

1.     Introduction and Welcome Speech by the Head of Internship Department Ms. Mary

2.     Guest Lecture by Dr. Hans

3.     Refreshment break (Complimentary Drinks and Snacks)

4.     Lecture by Executive member of Internship Department Mr. Saahil

5.     Closing Speech by Ms. Mary


Title of the seminar: How to get an internship at United Nations

Speaker: Dr. Hans Nibshan Seesaghur

Date: 27th December 2016(Tuesday)

Time: 5:30 pm

Venue: Jian Hu Campus, Teaching building-1, JH1-202