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The Hui Medicine
By admin on 2015-01-08

The Hui medicine is the outcome of constant integration between the ancient Arabic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. It was originated in Sui, thrived in Tang and culminated in Yuan Dynasty.

The Hui medicine is a medical technology formed during the long-time communication between China and Central and Western Asian countries. It was greatly influenced by the long-standing Arabian and Persian medicine, with its medical philosophy following the ancient Grecian pathology of the "Four Elements", that is, Earth, Water, Fire and Wind.

Ever since prescriptions and drugs were introduced to Hui medicine in Tang and Song dynasties, a large group of Hui doctors were able to serve their patients with excellent skills and created the Chinese Muslim Medicine or Hui Medicine after long-term development of medical technology. An important symbol of it is the Huihui Yaofang (Huihui Formularies) finished in Yuan Dynasty, which has 36 volumes in its original version in which only four are found extant in the world. It is the only book on ancient Hui medicine extant in China.

Hui medicine is an integral part of our traditional Chinese medicine that provides unique therapies for treating many complicated diseases.

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