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TEST: Which city in China suits you best
By Stella on 2016-07-29

Interested in China but don’t know which city appeals you most? Let’s make a small psychometric test to see which city suits you best!


Take out one paper and write down your answers. Add your scores together and find your city!

A: 3 points   B: 2 points  C: 1 points


1. Which one of the following do you like most

A. Sun    B:  Moon  C: Star


2. Are you accustomed to staying up late?

A: Definitely not    B: sometimes  C:often


3. Your slippery:

A: with decorative pattern, be particular about it

B: plastic slippers that can been seen everywhere

C: i used to bare-foot


4. See the following words: Sand-beach, orange, alley, leaf, glass, swing, steel, cloud, cement.

Write down any of them on paper, and see which one is contained in the item:

A: Sand-beach  cloud   cement

B: orange      leaf     steel

C: swing       alley     glass


5. Flipping channels on TV, which one attracts you most

A: cartoon or comedy that are to the satisfactory of all

B: detective series that are suspenseful and stirring

C: fantasy series that are weird and fantastic


6. Which of the following travel places appeal to you most

A: seaside resort

B: European cities

C: ancient civilization relics in American or African


7. You hope your home is near to

A: Prosperous business district

B: Beautiful park with fresh air

C: many convenient supermarkets


8. Which kind of snacks do you prefer

A. Melon-seed, or similar molar food

B. Sour and sweet, soft and smooth like puddings

C. Never eat snacks, can accept hamburger maybe


9. Which place do you think can get the most rest

A: visiting museums or galleries, or reading books along the river in the park

B: visiting amusement park or shopping street, interesting and alive places

C: lying on the bed, or sitting on the sofa under the sun


10. The most often seating position when you watch TV:

A: sit up on the chair

B: sit against the chair with legs crossed

C: lying on the cushion,with pillow padded under the head


11. Do you have favorable city of China

A: I have preferred city in China

B: a little like, not so attracted

C: no, at least not in China


12. When you go to a strange place, how do you find your way to the hotel:

A: find a map and compass

B: ask the policemen or several passers-by for confirmation

C: ask anyone


 good brain.gif






12~18 points: Chengdu, Beijing, Tianjin

You prefer to live in a relaxing place with open culture scope and adequate modern conveniences. Chengdu and Tianjin have both convenient facilities and relaxing life style. As for Beijing, the city with historical culture relics, is the most suitable for people who advocating freedom. The cities have something in common: most like the modern bead house.



19~24 points: Qingdao, Hangzhou, Guilin

You are like the bird who live a beautiful and appropriate place. You need natural landscape to relax yourself, which in turn reflex that you are to certain degree afraid of industrial metropolitan. Have you watched the METROPOLIS conducted by Katsuhiro Otomo? It is good for your mental health and mood to see a touch of green in a city with concrete and cement. So, why not give away computerized life and get close to the nature to recuperate for yourself.


25~31 points: Guangzhou, Xiamen, Dalian

You must be depressed if you can’t have fun in prosperous places for several months! You pursue for fun, for the enjoyment of life. Life without night life will sure to make you sick. You are the typical person that can not give up the dazzling human world with -its myriad temptations. Neither work nor sleep is your final target.


32~36 points: Shanghai, Zhuhai, Chongqing

Working as a petty bourgeois in the office is your dreamed life. You are a man of taste, cities like bead house or amusement park are not suitable to you. Delegate city with busy atmosphere will make your muscles tense, always ready to get into excitement. You can find many people who have the same likes and dislikes in these countries. Life in those cities is just like performing. Every day you are like an actor who live the life for others.



( the test are taken from the Internet, for entertainment purpose only)


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