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Six traditional Chinese wedding etiquette
By Stella on 2016-07-28

纳采    NA CAI

It commonly known as matchmaking, the man ask matchmaker to went to the woman’s home to propose marriage, when the woman’s family agreed to the marriage proposal, then the man went home to prepare gifts to the proposal.




It commonly known as the horoscopes, asked the matchmaker to ask the woman birth and name so that they will know if they are suitable for each other.


纳吉  NA JI


The groom’s side divines there will be a auspicious fortune, then they prepare gifts for the ceremony, and make a notice to the bride’s side, the wedding tentatively agreed.



Also known as a big etiquette, the groom’s side selected auspicious day to hold a engagement with the bride.


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Choose an auspicious day to get married. In ancient times, generally we regard bimonthly and double-day as auspicious,and people don’t like to choose three, sic and November because three sounds like separate, six means they only have half life together. In short, those days are unlucky.



At the wedding day, the man with a welcome letter to the woman home to marry the bride.



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