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Buddha jumps over the wall
By Stella on 2016-07-20

In Chinese culture, many traditional dishes have some interesting names which surprised foreigners and also pose a difficult question on the translators. One typical dishes is Fo Tiaoqiang, Steamed Abalone with Shark's Fin and Fish Maw in Broth. The dish, in its literal meaning, means that the Buddha jumps over the wall.


One of the legend how the name comes from is that in the old time, a group of beggars always begged for food with pottery pot. They stewed all the food that they got from different families into together. Surprisingly, it smelt good and the savory smell attracted the monk in the near temple jumped out of the wall. There’s also someone who made a poem for the story.


In modern China, the dish is often served as the national dish to entertain foreign guests. It is also nutritious with lots of Chinese featured ingredients. Those who are interested in Chinese traditional food can never miss it.

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