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Shandong Cuisine
By Stella on 2016-08-08

One of the oldest cuisines in China,

with a history of 2,500 years.


Originates from Confucius family banquet,

then adopted by imperial kitchen.

Lu cuisine has great influence in north China and has

become the representative of North China cuisines


Specializes in seafood like prawns,

sea cucumber, flounder From Shandong province, mainly made up of 3 parts: Ji’nan style, Jiaodong style, Confucius Dishes.Ji’nan and Jiaodong dishes mainly use the soybean sauce to cook, seafood is the most representative part of these two styles. And snacks made of all kinds of grains in stead of rice as main food are also very typical in Shandong Province

Confucius Dishes has a long history, which can even parallel the ancient royal cuisines. Most of the Confucius dishes have refined names related with historical stories, and the exquisite cutting technique and delicate style make Confucius Dishes one of the most expensive even luxurious dishes nowadays.






The Most Famous Dishes:


              different sorts of sea food

              Wowo Tou (a kind of snack made from maize powder)

              Peeled Shrimp in Cucumber Rings

              Bird’s Nest Cooked in 4 Ways



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